On days after George I am supposed to do Cardio only – I really didn’t enjoy the elliptical and wanted to try something different. I had done Jazzercise a few months ago with Vanessa and we had done some Zumba in her living room too, it was super fun! I actually ordered myself a Zumba DVD set awhile back, I just got the cheapest one I could find, ended up being Zumba Gold….yeah the senior citizens version….sad to say it still would kick my butt! LOL

I went to the gym after work and signed up for the 6pm Zumba Class. I was a little nervous, I haven’t done a full hour of Cardio at that pace in a long time but I needed to change things up and I knew this would be fun. After about 15 minutes I was dripping sweat and was really questioning if I would be able to keep up the pace for a full hour. Of course I did some modified steps, not because I couldn’t do the correct ones, but this lady was going so fast and you just had to watch and learn most of her combos. It was confusing at times but once I would get it I was doing great. I probably looked like a Hippo in a Tutu from Fantasia or something hopping around out there but I had a super good time. It was super high energy, loud good music, people clapping and yelling and just tons of fun. At one point she did stop and more of less taught a combo, guess it was new, as her regulars didn’t know it either. That was really fun, it was like learning an 8 count in dance class. Dance was such a big part of my life for so long and something I have missed so much. I think I will stick with this Zumba thing on my Cardio Days, it was good for my soul. Took me to a happy place and stirred up lots of great memories and reminded me how much I want to love life and have fun again.

In the past years I’ve had opportunities to just drunk dance with friends at the bar, I won’t even do that. I get all sweaty and my legs quickly start to burn and I worried what an ass I would look like on the floor. I danced one night with Vanessa and her friends, those girls could dance all night. I got about 15 minutes and was a hot sweaty mess and stayed a hot sweaty mess the rest of the night! I did dance on New Years Eve, my friend Josh would always try to get my to dance whenever we were in an environment with friends, but I just always said No. New Years Eve, I said Screw It and I danced and danced and had a blast.

I spent my childhood and into my teen years doing tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, lyrical and everything else. At one point I was dancing up to 5 hours a day 3 days a week. I took multiple classes at the last studio I danced at and loved it. As I got older I took some swing classes with my Mom and really got in country music and line dancing. I would line dance all night and have a blast! I used to love the Copperhead Road because I would be one of the only people on the floor who could do the hitch-kick! I loved my wranglers….and hat!

Those days are long gone but were such fun and in time I will rock my wranglers again….not sure about the hitch kick from this old girl but you never know…….