Finding a women’s only self-defense class is an important undertaking and one you should take seriously. Before you make a decision, it would be wise to learn about what a quality class looks like.

Plenty of Live Sparring

This is such an important concept that it’s really tragic that more women’s self-defense classes don’t incorporate it. We’re not saying that participants need to be locked in the cage to duke it out, but some semblance of realism must be added to the training or it is essentially useless. In fact, you could argue it is worse than useless.

Too many women’s self-defense classes involve practicing what you would do, but never actually doing it. Women are taught to strike in slow motion or by swinging at the air. That’s all well and good, but when an actual attacker tries to assault you, there’s a good chance you’ll just freeze. All of your training will leave you and you’ll be at the mercy of the malicious party.

The reason I say that this type of training can actually be worse than useless is that some women become emboldened by it, thinking that they are now prepared for a street fight. This is exactly the opposite mindset you want if you’re ever attacked. Even the best trained martial artists in the world will do their best to avoid a street fight if they can because they spar and know the dangers involved.

Education About Avoiding a Fight

As we mentioned above, you don’t want to go looking for a fight and, whenever possible, you absolutely want to choose the “flight” option. There are just too many variables involved to guarantee your safety, no matter how well trained you are.

That’s why a quality women’s only self-defense class will involve plenty of lessons in avoiding these confrontations. The trainer should go over things like spatial awareness and even when to cease defending yourself because you have the option to flee. These kinds of instructions are just as important as learning how to strike or where to aim your attacks.

A Physical Component

An actual self-defense situation can be extremely demanding on your body. It’s not easy keeping your fists up for a prolonged period of time if you’re not used to it, especially when adrenaline is coursing through your body. Add to that the demands of trying to keep an attacker at bay and you could quickly tire out and find yourself-defenseless.

That’s why a good women’s self-defense course must involve a physical component to make sure students are trained up and ready for the physical demands of a real altercation. Otherwise, it’s a lot like the initial point we made about sparring. All that training and practice won’t do much good if you’re not physically capable of using it when the time comes.

Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place and women often look like easy prey to those who wish to do harm. While women’s self-defense classes are certainly no guarantee of safety, they’ll definitely give you a much better chance of survival. When looking for a class to take, make sure you search for the above or it probably isn’t worth your time.