If you are interested in martial arts, then there is a very good chance that you have hear of Muay Thai.

However, you might not know too much about it outside of what you might have seen in the movies or the little bit that you have read online or watched from some MMA fights.

If you have your curiosity piqued by this martial art, you will want to learn a little bit about its history, as well as some of the biggest benefits that can come from training in the art.

A Short History of Muay Thai

This martial art is also called Thai boxing, and it is the national sport/martial art of the country of Thailand.

Its origins are lost to history, but it has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.

This martial art is also known as the art of the eight limbs because there are eight different points of contact on the body that are used for striking and defending.

Some of the earliest records are from the 1200s, and it has grown as a military martial art over the centuries to eventually become a popular sport.

From the dawn of this art, it was popular with all social classes.

Muay Thai became known to the rest of the world during WWI.

There were soldiers stationed in France, and they would hold tournaments for morale. Many French soldiers would join these tournaments.

However, it was not until after WWII that there were true rules added to the sport, and it was recently recognized as an Olympic sport.

It also happens to be very popular for those who are into MMA, as it represents some of the best and most effective striking methods to be found.

It is powerful and relatively simple to learn.

What Are the Benefits of Training in Muay Thai?

One of the best reasons to start training in this martial art is that it can be quite an intense workout.

This can be a great choice for those who are looking to lose weight and to tone their body.

The workouts in Muay Thai are not focused on any one part of the body.

Rather, they are a fantastic full body workout that can help to burn a substantial number of calories in a short period.

It also offers strength training, so when you are shedding those pounds of fat, you are going to be adding some slabs of muscle to your physique.

You will increase your core strength, your overall muscular strength, and you will improve your flexibility.

Another one of the great reasons to train in Muay Thai is because it can help to make you tougher mentally.

It strengthens your spirit and provides you with more resolve when it comes to your training, and that will carry over into matches and real world fights.

You are not going to be paralyzed by fear.

You know how to push your body and endure, and you know how to come out on top.

This ties in quite well with the self-discipline that it can provide to those who training.

Getting into this martial art and committing to it helps to provide you with a valuable lesson on just how important it is to be disciplined.

You understand just why it is so important to practice until you get the techniques right.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to martial arts training or getting into shape for that matter.

When you put in the hard work to improve, you will see just how much it can pay off.

This is going to stay with you when it comes to other aspects of your life, as well.

Muay Thai also happens to be truly effective as a martial art.

Because you are improving your mental toughness and your ability to fight, it means that you are going to be more capable of taking care of yourself in a real life situation that gets out of hand.

While the goal is always to get out of any situation without needing to fight, we know that sometimes, situations do not work out that way.

You want to have a martial art under your belt that provides you with the skills needed to stand up and come out on top.

Muay Thai makes the body – hands, feet, knees, elbows, shins, and forearms – into formidable weapons.

You will have the skills needed to ensure your safety.

Your confidence is going to grow, and that means that your stress levels, thanks to the exercise and your confidence, will start to diminish.

This is good for your overall health, and it is great for your ability to handle difficult times and situations, along with confrontations.

You will learn how to stay calm and how to think rationally in situations that demand it.

Additionally, you will start to meet more people when you are learning this martial art, or just about any martial art for that matter.

You will meet and interact with people from many different walks of life, and some of these people might even become your friends.

These are some of the best reasons to choose to learn this martial art.

However, you will find that you do need to make sure that you are going to a proper school to get the training that you need.

Choose a Great School for Learning Muay Thai

Take the time to find a school that has trainers who understand and have the ability to truly teach this martial art.

Make sure that the school takes safety seriously, and that they are teaching you the best techniques, while helping you to get into better shape.

When you have a high-quality school teaching you the ins and outs of Muay Thai, you will feel much better about your skill level, and you might even want to get into the ring to try out those skills against real opponents.