So Day 1 was OK – I am not gonna lie – I totally overcooked my chicken and made Meal 3 really tough to swallow, so tough in fact then come time for Meal 5 I actually gave in and added about a tablespoon of BBQ Sauce to give it some moisture. I definitely will need to perfect the skill of prepping and portioning and seasoning with NO SALT – Oh Salt how I’ve loved you but farewell! I stocked up on pretty much every Mrs. Dash option that was available.

I snacked on some ROASTED (unsalted) Almonds, man the roasted ones are way better than the RAW Almonds, those are so nasty – I imagine that is what it is like to lick a tree.

I stopped at the store on my way home to finish shopping for the rest of the week. Needed my Egg Whites and Brown Rice Cakes and also wanted some veggies, as I did get a Salsa Recipe I want to make this weekend. I got some more Tilapia, Chicken and Pork Chops too. I had plenty in my freezer but when I went to examine them they were all pre-seasoned with….SALT, so I will have to save those for B.

I got home and cooked the Tilapia I had thawed out the night before and made some Egg Whites with Jalapeno’s and a big batch of Green Beans.

Then it was off to Alliance for my 2nd session with Coach George, I arrived early as he has instructed me to and did about 18 mins on the treadmill before we got started at 7:30. He had my do Push-Ups, Squats, Weights (half curl and shoulder press) and some more work on the resistance bands. I was DRIPPING Sweat – but it felt great – and then he said, back to the treadmill while I “set something up” – yeah then I got a little nervous. I could see his reflection in the glass doing something with a HUGE Heavy Rope, like you would see a ship tied up to a dock with, not a little sailboat, like a ship, like the Queen Mary size rope. So he says alright just keep this rope moving, grab each side of the rope and alternate and just keep it moving……really, that’s it? Just keep the rope moving, OK, whatever you say. So the 1st set wasn’t so bad…..then he says OK, now grab hold and keep the rope moving but don’t alternate, both hands, both sides of the rope, go………alright, still not bad. OK, here we go again, now grab hold and small little movements, like your chopping wood…..OMG my arms were ON FIRE, I thought I was going to fall over right then and there, but I pushed through and made it through the set. The last rope drill was a sideways motion, that actually felt pretty good , must have been using different muscles than the other 3 drills because it was almost a relief. So more squats, 30 seconds GO……and now back to the rope…..went through all 4 rope drills and when he said OK Drop, THUD that rope hit the floor with some authority, I asked if I could kick it too! It was tough but it was also new and different and challenging and fun (hey there’s that word fun again…) – Once we were done with the rope drill he walked me over to the treadmills, only to say “This one is broken, so you have to MAKE it go….” I actually said “Is this some kind of a joke” , it wasn’t. So 1st he had me do 10 steps….not too bad, rest for a minute, now 20 steps……OK OK just one foot on front of another……rest….wait rest, don’t you mean Good Night, see you next time?? Nope, now 20 more……

It was a great session, and this morning, although I am tired, I don’t feel sore, a little tired but still feel really great. And I’m proud of myself. Coach George said he didn’t think I would push so hard and he was happy to see that. I won’t let him down, I won’t let me down either though.

So I ate my apple and am dreading my breakfast of egg whites and Oatmeal, I added a little Cinnamon and some Apple to my oatmeal so I hope it isn’t nasty, but we will see. Egg Whites, YUCK, but I can charge through those. I am excited for my Brown Rice Cake with Peanut Butter tomorrow.

No workout tonight, getting to celebrate my favorite Baby’s 1st BDay with Friends at Buffalo Wild Wings, I will eat my dinner in the car!