It’s natural and common to feel sluggish and out of sync due to our erratic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. This is why it is necessary to detoxify the body to feel fresher and better.

The concept of detoxification is nothing new. In the earlier days, detoxification was practiced by several cultures. It was also a popular method of treatment in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Detoxification is mainly about cleansing and nourishing the body from inside as well as outside. It is about resting and cleaning the body inside out by removing toxins from the body completely. Once toxins are removed from the body, effort is made to feed the body with healthy nutrients which will help in renewing energy levels and helping in maintaining optimum health. Here are some of the most common ways of detoxifying the body naturally for a better health and living.

Those who wish to detoxify their body need to follow a detox program that helps their body in the natural cleaning process. There are several ways to do this and the most common way is by fasting. Fasting allows various body organs to rest and stimulates the liver to throw toxins out of the body. It promotes elimination of toxins from the skin, kidneys and intestines. It helps in improving blood circulation and refuels the body with many healthy nutrients that are good for the body.

The first step in the process of detoxification starts with the lightening of your toxin load. You need to remove cigarettes, coffee, alcohol and saturated fats from your diet completely. These are toxins that cause a hindrance in the healing process. To detoxify your body naturally you need to minimize the use of all chemical based products with natural alternatives. Stress needs to be reduced also since stress releases hormones in the system that slows down the detoxification enzymes which are released in the liver. Stress can be reduced with meditation and yoga which helps in distressing the body and brings in calmness.

There are many different detox diets that help in cleansing the body. These diet plans are usually seven days and involves having fresh vegetable juices, water and fresh fruits as a good way of releasing the toxins from the body. Simple fruit and veggie detox diet means consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables through salads, smoothies or simple raw form.

Just following a detox diet does not end your detoxification process. Once you have completed your 7 day diet plan, you need to have plenty of brown rice, organic vegetables, fruits and food that are loaded with fiber. To complete the detoxification process naturally, you need to consume fresh artichokes, radishes, chlorella and seaweed which are all known for their detoxifying properties. For a complete natural detoxification, it is important to have fresh herbs like milk thistle, burdock and dandelion tea which are extremely useful.

Last but not the least, it is extremely important to have at least 10 glasses of water in a day for complete natural detoxification. It is also important to breathe in normally so that oxygen enters your system completely and helps you stay fresh and rejuvenated.