Water is one of the most essential nutrients for our body and needed for our survival but unfortunately often taken for granted. Do you know the importance of water in your life? What can happen if you do not drink sufficient water regularly? Water is vital for our body – without water, we cannot survive more than 5-6 days.

Here are some vital statistics about the importance of water in our body

  • When do you feel thirsty? We feel thirsty when water in our body is reduced by just 1%.
  • When water reduces by 5% our muscle strength and our endurance level declines. We start feeling exhausted and tired.
  • When water reduction is as low as 10% we get a blurred vision and delirium.
  • With 20% reduction in water in our body – we die.
  • A male body is of 60% water while a female body is of 50%.
  • Our brain is of 75% water.

Here are some more reasons why water is so essential for our living.

Helps in Maintaining Electrolyte Balance
Electrolytes are charged ions which need to be present in our cells. These have an important role in transmitting information to our brain through nerve impulses and are crucial for muscular activities as well. To maintain a good electrolyte balance in the cells, water flows into and out of cells ensuring that ions are balanced.

Helps In Temperature Regulation
Just as air conditioners keep our homes cool, water acts as the air conditioner of our body. It regulates our temperature through sweat. Sweat is the way to cool our body and bring the temperature down. As sweat evaporates from the skin, it takes away the heat and cools our body.

Acts as an Important Transporter
Water helps in transporting essential substances throughout our body as soon as it gets dissolved in water. Blood is made up of 83% water and helps in transporting oxygen, waste products and essential nutrients through the different cells of our body. Urine, made mostly of water acts as an important transporter and removes unwanted waste products from our body. In the absence of enough water in our body, toxic levels and waste products can start increasing in our body which will make us weak and can even lead to death.

Keeps Our Skin Healthy
Drinking enough water helps in flushing out unwanted wastes and toxins from the body in the form of urination and sweat. This helps in moisturizing our skin, prevents the eruption of skin rashes, and keeps the skin glowing, soft and smooth. Plenty of water also helps in reducing wrinkles and works as an anti aging treatment too.

Water also has several other good benefits –

  • It helps in boosting our immunity system. It helps our body in fighting against a number of ailments like flu, cancer and even heart attacks.
  • It helps in getting rid of headaches and reduces migraine attacks too.
  • It reduces and prevents sprains and cramps as it keeps jointed and muscles well lubricated, which keeps them elastic.

Last but not least, staying hydrated will keep you in a happy mood!