WOW – it feels good to be back on track!! Sunday when we got back from Anaheim B & I were just dog tired and went straight to sleep. Sundays are usually my meal prep days but nope, not this week. After work Monday I headed to the store to pick up the essentials – green beans – chicken – egg whites – turkey sausage (ok so they Jennie O Spicy Turkey Breakfast sausage – OMG sooo good – I can finally eat my egg whites add some Bell Peppers – yeah so good!) – apples – string cheese… know! Did all my meal prep for the week that night and love when the fridge is stocked and ready to go! #mpm Meal Prep Monday! I can’t get B to stop eating my chicken though!

I saw George last night for the 1st time in a week. He was asking how my meal plan was going, I told him last week sucked but I had done all my meal prep and was right back at it. I sure don’t want to let George down, I don’t want him to think he is wasting his time on me and I am not serious, if anything seeing him just makes me want to work harder. I mean I like making him proud. I know I am the one physically doing the work but he’s like this tattooed angel guiding me on my journey – LOL. Our workout was good last night, mostly arms, OI VE! Those dang shoulder presses – I’m sometimes afraid my arms are going to give out and I am going to drop those dumbbells on my head! The last couple reps of the last set are always a little shaky……but it’s working! Last week I wore a shirt that has elastic cuffs around the arms – they’ve always been tight around my arms, but I noticed, the elastic was loose, it wasn’t even stretched on my arm! YES! I can’t wait to only have 1 Chin and toned arms……..and a flat stomach and a shapely booty…..LOL but Chin and Arms YES!

I saw Vanessa at the gym last night doing her BABE Bootcamp Classes! She’s starting to feel better and on the path to getting the results she wants! I also saw Jamie at the gym, feels like I haven’t seen her there in forver (even though I see her at Cheer all the time – LOL) – I texted her this morning to just say Thanks, want to make sure she knows how much I appreciate all of this, I mean without her none of this would have happened. She replied that she was watching me on the treadmill last night and it made her feel good, it’s why she does what she does. Love her!

I’ve been avoiding the scale for about 2 weeks, as we all know I can obsess over it – LOL – but I did let curiosity get the best of me this morning. Did I completely my screw myself last week – How bad was it with a week out of the gym and only sticking to my meal plan about 50%…..was I going to be sad, upset, pissed??? Well had to accept whatever I saw right? I made the choices I made last week and had to be accountable for those choices…….and deep breath… we go…..phew….no gain, a few ounces loss…..I will take that. I was feeling good. Yes it was a setback, normally after a week like that I would have said “F*ck It” and just totally stopped working and called it quits, but no. That is NEVER going to happen again. There will be bad days, I can’t fool myself or lie to all of you and say there won’t be bad days, there will, but I have to let go of the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” and buck up and just keep going!- #nolookingback –

I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of pants I haven’t worn in YEARS. Why do us women do that? Fill our closets and drawers with clothes that don’t fit? I mean has anyone ever TRULY been motivated by those clothes? Why I saved these pants is beyond me. They are plain ugly grey work slacks – not like a sexy pair of “goal” jeans or a hot black pencil skirt – Ugly Grey Work Slacks – but whatever. I tried them on – and holy crap they fit! They are 2 sizes smaller than I had been wearing! H*ll YES! I love you ugly grey work slacks!

So this morning I was driving to work – drinking my icy cold protein shake – eating my crisp apple – my cooler packed for the day – Weezer on the radio and wearing the most awesome pair of ugly grey work slacks anyone has ever worn – Yeah that’s what happiness is…….at least for today!

Back to my cardio tonight and hoping for another Cowles Climb on Sunday!!!!!