Micronutrients are one of those essential nutrients which are needed by our human body in small doses every day. If there is any deficiency of any of these micronutrients in our body, it will have a negative impact on our general health and can even lead to serious complications if not treated on time. It is important to ensure that you get the right quantity of macronutrients to ensure good health and good immunity.

Here are some of those micronutrients which you should necessarily have.

Chromium – This is essential in regulating the glucose levels which helps in balancing blood sugar levels of our body, ensuring it does not fall too low or get too high. Chromium also helps in protecting DNA, regulates our hunger and controls blood cholesterol and fat levels. If there is chromium deficiency in our body it will lead to cold sweats and excessive hunger. The most common sources of chromium are oysters, potatoes, whole wheat bread and peas.

Zinc – This is an important micronutrient that is present in our human body, all in different parts. Zinc plays an important role in healing wounds, fighting infections and keeping our skin health. If there is a zinc deficiency in the body, it will lead to hair loss and tremendous fatigue, wounds will take long to heal and your immunity level will start dropping. Zinc can be incorporated in diet with increased consumption of whole grain cereals, nuts, beans and different dairy products.

Iron – A very important nutrient, that is extremely important and helps in moving oxygen through the red blood cells in the body. Iron also plays an important role in cell growth. If there is iron deficiency in the body it can lead to anemia, extreme fatigue, tiredness and a weak immunity system. It is important to have enough proportion of iron in our regular diet through leafy vegetables, broccoli, spinach and whole wheat bread.

Copper – Iron and copper are two nutrients which work in good combination to keep our bones and blood vessels quite healthy and assist in their proper functions. Copper also helps in hemoglobin formation in the blood. If there is copper deficiency in the body, it leads to digestion problems, body weakness, respiratory issues and extreme weakness. Consumption of soy beans, dark chocolate, nuts and shellfish can help in getting rid of copper deficiency.

Iodine – Our body does not need huge quantities of iodine but it is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Good quantity of iodine in the body helps the body in staying energized throughout the day while its deprivation will lead to exhaustion, tiredness and extreme fatigue due to low energy levels. Iodine is present in table salt but should be taken in moderation.

It is not easy to keep a good balance of micronutrients in the body but with a planned and balanced diet, you can ensure you are getting your regular dose of these nutrients. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and ensure you have plenty of liquids throughout the day for a healthy body and mind.