There are many people who are interested with doing martial arts and other physical sports where their bodies will not only be trained physically but also keep their mind alert and active. People can choose from different types of martial arts practices and the following are the top 10 choices that you can get.

1. Mixed Martial Arts
One of the interesting types of martial arts that many people are interested learning. This type of combat fighting that is using hand quickness and also effective body positioning in gaining advantage over aggressors.

2. Kids MMA
You may think that MMA is only for adults, but think again. There is several training sessions that solely offered for kids and is great training grounds for honing the traits of kids while they are young. It is a great form of controlling their emotions as well.

3. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
This kind of martial arts has been developed for many years now and has been considered as a self defense and fighting system that will allow any smaller and weaker person to take control of opponents that are much stronger and bigger.

4. Muay Thai
Unlike other forms of self defense techniques, this one is done in a 4-sided ring and is considered as the best way of learning self-defense. For a person, it can build a competitive spirit and can also help in getting rid of anxiety, fear and worry.

5. Boxing
It is not only a popular sport that experts are trying. There are already many people who are interested with the overall benefit that this sport can offer. It does not only help in keeping your body fit but will also help in transforming your mind and body or the better.

6. Submission Grappling
Any arsenal for martial arts will love submission grappling as its goal is to get your opponent always on the ground. This type of self defense is letting an individual learn to clinch of the opponent in a unique way where the opponent will easily submit and accept his defeat.

7. Wrestling
A sport that both young and adult are familiar of, wrestling is another form of self defense martial arts where a person would learn how to maneuver strategies that would defeat his opponent.

8. Judo
In this technique, you will be using the strength of the opponent against him. With this, practitioners of this form of self defense do not need high level of strength.

9. Karate
Attack deflection, this is the emphasis of this technique. This kind of self defense is about teaching a person how to defend any aggressive attack while quickly striking the defenseless parts.

10. Aikido
This is one of the interesting arts of self defense that people can easily recognize because of its striking moves. Many people are interested with this self defense as it teaches a defender on how to remain invulnerable even an attacker would try striking you.

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