Sanchez started boxing from a very early age and was a keen learner. He started training at the age of 16 and after a very short amateur career he stepped into the professional world of boxing. From his early days, he was a winner and kept on piling his Wins every year, even when he faced tough opposition from some of the most experienced boxers.

It was his 19th fight as a professional which brought him immense recognition. It was a fight against Antonio Becerra who was a Mexican Batamweight Champion and was much more experienced than Sanchez. Though Sanchez was defeated at the end, he gave a very tough fight and his loss came in just a split second.

Sanchez continued his fights and moved ahead to the Featherweight division. His winning phase continued and he emerged a winner in many matches. He had defeated some of the existing champions like Felix Trinidad Sr, who was widely known as the Puerto Rican Featherweight champion. He went ahead to win many more matches and defeated Danny Lopez too, who was quite a popular TV fighter at that time and who had several challenging wins under his belt. In spite of his experience and great confidence, Lopez was beaten by Sanchez in just 13 rounds in 1980. This was a major win in his career and brought him immense recognition. In the later months, Sanchez boxed to defend his title and won against Ruben Castillo.

Lopez was highly disturbed by his loss and said it was just ‘beginners luck’ for Sanchez since that was the first world title fight of Sanchez. In Las Vegaz, Lopez got a scope to challenge Sanchez again with the belief that this would be his win. However, the mighty Sanchez went ahead and defeated Lopez in the 14th round.

In 1980, Sanchez played a crucial match and defeated Juan Laporte in a tough fight. He was declared a winner unanimously and defended his title by winning against Roberto Castanon in another very tough match. He won again in the matches played with Nicky Perez and Wilfredo Gomez too. It was Wilfredo who challenged Sanchez. He became extremely popular after the match played against Gomez and was known in every household in United States.

His wins continued in the next few years and he went on to defeat Pat Cowdell who was the Olympic medalist. His fight with Jorge Garcia, was one of the most talked about fights since it featured two of the best featherweights. Garcia was defeated in this historical match and Sanchez was the Champion.

On August 12, 1982, Sanchez was busy with training sessions for a rematch which was to be played in September when disaster struck. His Porsche 928 car crashed on Federal Highway and he was killed instantly. This was a huge loss in the boxing world. If Sanchez was not killed so prematurely, he would have become the biggest Featherweight Boxer of all times.