Fruits and vegetables are excellent for our immunity system – this is one of the main reasons why we need to have them in abundance in our diet. You can munch on them as a snack, have them for your breakfast, lunch or supper, or consume them in any way you prefer. You will enjoy them while your body gets its health benefits. Here are some of the best fruits and vegetables that help in boosting your immune system.

Kiwifruit – One of the best fruits that will help in boosting our immunity. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and E which help in boosting our immunity system and also help in increasing T-cell count of the body. Kiwi smoothie is delicious and it pairs well with spinach and strawberries for additional benefits.

Strawberries – Strawberries are full of vitamin C and A which makes them one of the healthiest fruits available. In fact, strawberry seeds are also rich in minerals which help in supporting the immune level of the body. Fresh strawberries make wonderful toppings when consumed in fresh spinach salad.

Carrots – These are rich in beta-carotene that is known for its immunity boosting property. It helps in keeping off seasonal flues and colds. It can be consumed as a part of diet, as juice and even used in cakes and cookies.

Blueberries – These are classic antioxidants and are richly loaded in vitamin C and A which are both rich in antioxidants and help in antibody production. This means they help the body in fighting against diseases and infections, helping the body stay strong and disease free.

Papaya – Another tropical fruit which is full of beta carotene. As we consume papaya, it converts to vitamin A inside the body which is needed immensely in our body. Papaya can be eaten in various recipes and topped with fresh lime juice. Papaya also tastes wonderful in salads, especially in Tropical salmon salad.

Sweet Potatoes – Beta carotene is present in sweet potatoes which gives them a slight orange hue. Beta carotene is a rich antioxidant that converts to vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient that fights against diseases and helps in strengthening the immunity system of our body. In fact, sweet potatoes are considered to be the best immunity boosting foods.

Garlic – For hundreds of years, this has been known for its amazing healing properties. Garlic helps in fighting against infections and builds immunity levels. It is good to have garlic everyday and can be used in the diet conveniently. Minced garlic can be added to your regular cooking. Fresh garlic enhances the taste while adding flavor.