How to Improve Your Quality of Life With the Skills to Defend Yourself

You’re heading to your car after a visit to the ATM when suddenly, you’re accosted by a man who leaps out of the shadows. Would you know what to do or how to react in this situation?

Many men and women alike lack the skills required to defend themselves from an attack and it’s a lack of knowledge that can prove not only dangerous, but even deadly. You could be robbed of your money, your jewelry and valuables, your car, and even your life. And that says nothing of sexual assault or injury and the lasting physical and psychological effects that can arise following an attack. The physical wounds will heal, but the psychological wounds can last a lifetime.

But learning some basic self-defense techniques can go a long way toward protecting your body, your mind and your belongings.

Consider the following benefits of learning how to defend yourself.

You’ll Gain Incredible Self-Confidence
Individuals who know even just the most basic self-defense skills gain a tremendous sense of self-confidence, knowing they have what it takes to foil an attack. In fact, this self-confidence can be extremely evident in your mannerisms and attitude, making you less likely to be targeted as a victim.

You’ll Gain Awareness and Insight
Learning self-defense skills is more than just an empowering experience. Students who are trained in self-defense skills gain a new sense of awareness when it comes to how physical assaults may unfold. This gives you the power to react more quickly, increasing the chances that you’ll come out on top. You’ll also gain insight into how to avoid victimization and assaults through simple techniques and approaches, such as enhancing your situational awareness in your everyday life.

You’ll Gain Peace of Mind
When you learn how to defend yourself or enroll a friend or family member in a self-defense program, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one knows how to react if an attack or assault occurs.

In addition, women who fight back using their self-defense skills are less apt to be sexually assaulted. Studies have revealed that would-be victims who fight back significantly increase their chances of avoiding a sexual assault. Those self-defense skills literally give you the power to avoid this potentially devastating form of victimization.

The same also goes for children and teens who’ve learned self-defense skills. Youngsters who fight back in the event of a kidnapping attempt or sexual assault attempt are less likely to become victims. The act of fighting back makes the assailant or would-be kidnapper dramatically less likely to follow through on the act.

Quite simply, knowing self-defense techniques puts you in a position of power and that’s precisely where you need to be when it comes to your body and your life.

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