My name is Eric Delfierro and I am the head coach of Alliance MMA professional fight team. I have been involved in coaching professional athletes for a very long time. And although I am in sports and fitness industry and have a wealth of knowledge in human performance. I would like to admit nutrition and diet has been my own weakness. Over the past 10 weeks I have learned more about diet and nutrition and my own body from our nutrition coach Eric Uresk.

He designed a diet and nutrition program to fit with my busy schedule. I started this diet, with a goal only to lose body fat not lose weight. But I decided I would commit 100% to it and set a goal to meet by my 40th Birthday! Well I am about 1month away from my 40th Bday and have seen great results. When I started, I weighed 197lbs about 24% body fat.. 8 weeks later I am 184lbs. and about 14% body fat. So needless to say I am looking forward to turning 40!

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