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torso rotation exercise that I like a lot – primarily for the mid-section, but it’s working really full body. One reason I like the Torso Rotation, a lot

The Deadlift

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Hey guys, Doug here with DB Strength down at Alliance Training Center. Today I'm going to show you the deadlift, which is one of my favorite exercises, both for the everyday client and for the combat athlete as well. One reason I love the deadlift so much is it’s really a full body exercise, so it’s a compound lift. It’s one of those exercises where you get a lot of bang for your buck. I love it for the grip component – obviously MMA, grappling, those sorts of sports, grip is a huge component of the game. It’s a pulling movement, so if you're trying to control your opponent, pull them into your guard, keep them right against the cage, things like that, that pulling strength is paramount. The deadlift is one of the best exercises for that.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING WORKSHOP At Alliance Training Center in San Diego

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NEW content included for the first time!! Approved for 0.4 NSCA CEU’s! Get an exclusive inside look at how top UFC athletes prepare for a fight! This 4-hour interactive workshop is both lecture and hands-on [...]

World-Renowned Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach Doug Balzarini Joins MMA Conditioning Association Faculty

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Article by WEBWIRE Well-known for his toughness and smarts in serving as assistant coach for Team Cruz on FX’s “The Ultimate Fighter Live,” world-renowned mixed martial arts and strength coach Doug Balzarini has joined the [...]

MMA Legend Vitor Belfort Training With Dominick Cruz & The Rest Of Alliance MMA in Las Vegas

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Watch as UFC Fighter Vitor Belfort trains alongside Dominick Cruz, Ross Pearson, Wilson Reis, Mike Chandler, AJ Matthews, and the rest of Alliance MMA.

The Ultimate Fighter LIVE Week 4 – TEAM CRUZ Strength & Conditioning Coach Doug Balzarini

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Article by Coach Doug Balzarini Monday Like the previous weeks, this week began on Monday in San Diego with my “general population” clients. This week I decided to fly back Tuesday morning so I was [...]

The Ultimate Fighter Week 3 – TEAM CRUZ Strength & Conditioning Coach Doug Balzarini

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Article By Strength & Conditioning Coach Doug Balzarini Week 3 was another great week. They are long grinds, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like last week, I was in San Diego on [...]

Doug Balzarini Update From Las Vegas: What Is UFC Champion Dominick Cruz Eating?

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Doug Balzarini Update From Las Vegas: What Is UFC Champion Dominick Cruz Eating? Click Here For more info on Doug Balzarini and his Strength & Conditioning Training Program For The Combat Athlete

Top Heavy Ropes Exercises for MMA Athletes

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Aricle by Doug Balzarini As Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) continues to grow in popularity, so do the methods and techniques used to help the MMA athletes reach their full potential. Coaches are realizing that their [...]

Critical Component Series – Power (2 of 6)

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Power is king. Improve your power and dominate your competition with these simple and effective movements. In this 6-part series, I will briefly explain the essential pieces that comprise a complete strength and conditioning program [...]

Doug Balzarini: TRX Sequences for Strength Gain

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Why do one exercise when you can do two? Back-to-back exercises with TRX will help increase your strength and power endurance. As mentioned in previous articles, the TRX suspension trainer is used in all of [...]

Grip Strength Training At Mission Bay – American Ninja Warrior Style *VIDEO*

2017-08-21T18:12:20-08:00Categories: Doug Balzarini|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Clip of a recent "play" day down at Mission Bay... The goal? Get around the apparatus without touching the ground. Great grip strength training routine. A possible 'American Ninja Warrior' tryout in my future...

Strength Training at Alliance Training Center with UFC Fighter Brandon Vera

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Quick clip with UFC athlete Brandon Vera showing a full body circuit using the TRX suspension trainer and the RIP trainer down at Alliance Training Center.