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TUF Love: The Ultimate Fighter: LIVE Experience – Coach Doug Balzarini

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Article By Coach Dog Balzarini Even though I recapped every one of my 12-week experience (Start here), I wanted to share some final thoughts. I’ve been home for a week now and, while I’ve been [...]

Brandon Vera Muay Thai Training and Pro Fighters From Alliance MMA at TAPOUT Gym in Las Vegas *VIDEO*

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Brandon Vera trains alongside Coach Doug Balzarini, Master Lloyd Irvin, Alexander Gustafsson, Matt Van Buren, Ross Pearson, Kristian Lexell, Papy Abedi, Alejandro Garcia, Edwin Aguilar, Wilson Reis, Franklin Camacho, Scott Heckman, Joe Taimanglo and Jimmy [...]

Coach Doug Balzarini The Ultimate Fighter Update: My First Week!

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Every week or so I plan to share a couple thoughts and experiences I had while out in Las Vegas for the MMA reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter”. For me, week 1 began on Tuesday [...]

DBStrength: Train Like an MMA Athlete (ACE shoot) *VIDEO*

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Articl by Coach Doug Balzarini Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the American Council on Exercise (ACE) headquarters and participate in a video shoot detailing exercises for MMA athletes. Increase the intensity of your [...]