1st – I can’t believe how much I look forward to writing this now.

Before my workout last night I had a board meeting for Cheerforce at On the Border, none of the girls knew what was going on with me yet so when I said NO to the margarita’s they all knew something was up! LOL – I skipped the chips and ordered a Grilled Chicken Breast with Rice and Veggies (too bad the veggies were all NASTY – Squash and Zucchini, GROSS!) – but I felt great before my workout and wasn’t in a “Food Coma” – I was feeling a little anxious as I walked out of the restaurant to get in my car and make the drive to Alliance, but then I got text from my Bestie! It was a serious of little Emoji’s and the words “A little motivation for your workout” – Love that girl! Perfect timing, how did she know that was just what I needed! Set the mood and I was ready!

I walked in to Alliance at 730 and George greeted me with a Smile and handshake and said “You ready?” – YES I was ready! I wasn’t scared about what he was going to have me do, or what I was going to look like while doing it or if people were going to stare at the fat girl who just walked in their gym. I felt good.

George explained that we would spend the 1st couple of weeks getting to know each other, he would get to know my limits, capabilities and what my body can do. The workout last night was good – treadmill off and on – squats – calf raises – light weights – resistance bands and more treadmill. Those last 20 on the treadmill were tough. I was a sweaty hot mess but just kept thinking one step at a time…..just keep taking another step. I felt great after. I am not sore today and that is refreshing. George gave me some instructions on what to do tonight while I workout with my friend Heather and scheduled me for Session 2 Saturday at 1:30pm!

After the workout we took a quick pic and we both shared that photo on our various Social Media pages, my goodness, my phone didn’t stop chiming for like 4 hours! George shared the link to this blog in his post and the amount of support was overwhelming. I mean seriously, I knew all my girlfriends would chime in (especially when they saw George, I knew the “hot” comments would keep coming – LOL) but this was too much. People I haven’t heard from in years showing their support and sharing their own stories, people I had seen in the gym that night sharing a quick “Way to Go” or “Get it Girl” and total strangers just rooting me on and reassuring me that George, David and Alliance were the RIGHT people to be on this journey with. Even on my way to work this morning I got a Friend Request and a sweet message from a lady in Phoenix saying we was going to be following me and wishes me all the success! Totally incredible. Like I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation, to all of you I just say keep it coming, I will need it and Thank you for the bottom of my heart!

By the time I headed home it was 830, B hadn’t been fed (she was cheering at a BBall Game and working on homework while I was gone) so she wanted me to grab her McD’s. Before I stopped there for her I ran into Vons for more apples, bell peppers, pineapple and strawberries ( NO Coach David I was not trying to fake you out, we really did need those things to get through the next couple of days) – So I got home and while she ate her #2 with Apple Pie and HiC Orange I had some leftover Quinoa Salad with an Apple and some Baby Carrots.

So today I feel amazing. This blog is now “out there” and for those of you who are reading this who know me and have heard this all before I respectfully ask to you reserve your judgement and your lectures and even your support. I know actions speak louder than words and I understand your doubt and little faith, so let me show you. This time is really FEELS different on the inside. I guess in the past as much as I “wanted” to be ready for a change, I wasn’t. I was still comfortable holding on, no one expected anything out of me then…..now it’s out there. I have told everyone, so please ask me questions, leave comments, show your support and hold me accountable.

So stay tuned……..yesterday I took the 1st step and it was AMAZING!!!