Roberto Duran was born on June 16, 1951. Highly acclaimed as one of the greatest boxers, Roberto was one of the most popular professional boxers who held a number of records during his career. He was popularly known as ‘Manos de Piedra’.

With a few initial adjustments in his initial years, Robert won thirty fights in a row. He defeated Champions like Hiroshi Kobayashi, who was the popular Super Featherweight Champion and also Ernesto Marcel who became Featherweight Champion. In 1972, in a very controversial decision he successfully defeated Ken Buchanan in New York, in the famous WBA Lightweight Championship. He scored a surprising knock down against the champion and this was 15 seconds within the start of the fight.

In the next few years, Duran won several titles. In a fight against Esteban De Jesus, Durian lost in a tough 10 round decision. This loss was not easy for him and he pledged to get back on track. Soon with three successive defenses against Guts Ishimatsu, Hector Thompson and Jimmy Robertson he was back on his winning track. In the year 1974, he avenged his previous loss and defeated De Jesus in a mighty 11 round knockout.

In 1976 he defeated Saoul Mamby who later became another Light Welterweight champion. Duran, in his amazing career, is credited to have made 12 defenses and held of record of 62-1.

In the year 2002, he was selected as the ‘5th greatest fighter’ the world has seen in the last 80 years, by The Ring. He is rated as #8 in the category of all time great fighters by Bert Sugar. He has been voted as the #1 in the lightweight category of the 20th century by the renowned Associated Press. He has millions of fans across the world who consider him to be the greatest of all lightweight, the world has ever seen. He held many titles in different categories throughout his career – some of which are:-

  • Lightweight (1972–79)
  • Welterweight (1980)
  • Light middleweight (1983–84)
  • Middleweight (1989)

Ranking just after Jack Johnson, he holds the record of being a professional boxer who fought for nearly 5 decades. He retired at the age of 50, in January 2002. He will always be remembered by his fans for setting a professional record of 120 fights, 104 wins and 69 knockouts.