I did my 45 minutes on the treadmill last night and it was hard, not hard like I didn’t have the energy to do it, but my knee’s and calves and shins were hurting and I think I may have even tied my shoes too tight because my right foot felt asleep. I know that my knee’s and back have been punished carrying around this weight and 45 minutes on the treadmill will take it’s toll. I think I need to look into some stretches maybe before hand for my calves and shins, as that is what I am finding to be hindering me. It sucked last night, I knew I could do it but my body parts were screaming at me. I am mentally, need to talk to George tomorrow.

I did a bunch of meal prep last night – chicken – pork chops – ground turkey – more green beans and should have enough on hand to get me through the long weekend in Palm Springs. I tried to eat my last meal night – I heated everything up – put it on my plate – sat down with B and I couldn’t get more than a few bites down. I know it’s important but I like physically can’t, I’m not hungry. Not only am I not hungry, but I am full from my shake. It was 645 when I had my shake last night and my last meal, I just couldn’t. I went to be at 1030 and was just start to get a little hunger pains so I ate a string cheese. I am waking up hungry, both David and George told me that is what they want. I was up much earlier today so maybe I will have my last meal before I leave the office today and see how that goes…..

David said a good target for me is about 2-3 pounds a week and that I should not be looking too out into the future. Lets focus on week by week and attaining those little goals. But I do feel like I want to set some kind of goal for out in the future and I am thinking I want that goal to be to accomplish something around my BDay (Oct 13) – I will be 36 and maybe I can start checking some things off my list. I was talking with David, Monty and Aimee and there are some awesome events in San Diego that we could look into. Last night while waiting for B to get done with her BBall Game an ad popped up on my FB Feed for an event called “Muderella” – I have always wanted to do a MudRun, I even told Casey a few months back that I think that would be a goal I would eventually set for myself. I am going to talk to Coach George about it tomorrow night, as that would give me 8 solid months to train, I don’t know if it’s realistic though. I mean I know 8 months is a long time and I will definitely have made a significant amount of progress but will it be enough time to get me to a place where I can complete a 5-7 Mile Mud Run Course? We will see what he says…..I know Aimee, Monty, Vanessa, Jamie and Karina would do this with me and it would be super fun, I would love to have my bestie with me for it but I doubt this is something she would want to do and that’s OK! We don’t have to do “everything” together – LOL!

Back to the treadmill tonight – going to research some stretching and tips to hopefully be in less dis-comfort tonight.