So what’s different about me then everyone else on the planet who sets the annual most popular New Years Resolution to get healthy/lose weight/work out?? Honestly….I am not sure yet.

I am 35 – 5’8″ – 295 pounds and a single mom in San Diego CA and have known for years I need to do something to get this under control. Yeah I’ve tried – Atkins, Weight Watchers, Garcinia Combogia, Alli, Jazzercisse, Zumba and Walking…….small success but no long term committments. I even started the path to Gastric Bypass but stopped, I know I am young enough to make this happen for myself the right way…..eventually. I don’t know why I couldn’t…or wouldn’t stay committed, I guess losing 150 pounds seemed like a mountain I can’t climb….especially since I can’t even make it up the stairs without being winded! And it was a much shorter walk to my freezer and couch then the top of that mountain. It’s been just over 10 years that the weight has piled on and not come off.

I need a better of quality of life, one is which my back doesn’t hurt every second of the day, one where I don’t need a seatbelt extender on a plane, one where I am happy to say CHEESE for a picture and one where I am setting a good example for my amazingly beautiful daughter.

I saw a post on Facebook one night from a friend about getting fit at her gym so I inquired and the cost was just not in my single mom budget with a mortgage but she didn’t turn her back on me. She said she wanted to help change my life……change my life…..this woman hardly knows me…..she wants to change my life…, maybe I should want that for myself as much as she does.

After talking for a few nights we came up with a plan – they would take me under their wing, help me succeed, teach me how to eat right and excercise and invest in myself becuase I deserve it. I do?? I deserve it??? Coping with an abusive relationship and mistakes and the stresses (along with the joys) of single motherhood I think I forgot that YES I DO DESERVE IT. My kid is old enough now that I can take some time for MYSELF and she will support me at any length, she wants to see her Mom happy and enjoying life. Could this really be MY TIME? I am being given a gift from a group of strangers, they are welcoming me into their family and committing their time to me, they believe in me, they know we can do this and they want to help me Change My Life.

So all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and last night I stepped into Alliance MMA in Chula Vista for the 1st time. I was scared – beefy fit men everywhere and skinny women – ugh – that doesn’t not sound like a place I want to be and I never would have stopped in there if I didn’t have too – it was intimidating – an MMA Gym – oh man. I walked in though and people smiled and welcomed me with open arms, there were little kids all over the place taking classes and people were smiling and laughing.

A HUGE Man named George came up and introduced himself to me, covered in tattoo’s and so intimidating I wanted to run for the hills (we all know I can’t RUN anywhere) but he was so sincere and his smile and warmth made me feel very good about the people who I was going to be going on this journey with. We talked for a while and then Coach David walked in to continue the conversation and let me know about the diet and nutrition plan and that he would be coming by this weekend to clean out my pantry and fridge…..oh crap, there is a HUGE jar of Christmas Candy I better get rid of. David and George told me they would take me to the store and teach me how to shop, how to prepare meals, assign me excercise routines to do on days I am not in the gym with Coach George. I’ve sat through meetings with personal trainers before and it always felt so insincere and fake and about how they could squeeze more money out of you then to get more life out of you. Not these two. George and David felt right, they felt warm and concerned but not judgemental and I could see that the most important thing to them was changing my life.

So here we go…..It’s going to be a long journey – I’m so scared about the diet, I mean if I liked Kale and Spinach I wouldn’t have gotten to this place to begin with right? I’m excited about the workouts with George and pushing myself to the limits. I’m excited at the thought of what my life will be like in a year from today.

Weds 730… all starts…..Workout #1 – stay tuned!

Thank you Eric & Jamie, George & David and the rest of the Alliance MMA Family! Lets do this!!!