It’s been an OFF week for sure – with the “Honey-Do” List that was growing daily to prep the house to go on the market (and me the executor of said HoneyDo list) and Coach George being under the weather my work-outs and meal prep were off. I was not prepared for this week to be gone. I did have some days that I was not sticking my meal plan at all – out of shear lack of preparation – I can see now how important that meal prep is. I was still making smarter choices, Subway instead of Taco Bell and my breakfasts were on track. But I am glad that week is behind me and I can move forward this week and get back on track. I know that I can’t be making excuses, and I need to “make the time” but life does get in the way sometimes and things come up. I have no intention of looking back, I know there will be bad days here and there but I am committed to this, I want this. I need this.

The house is officially on the market, I didn’t think it would affect me but seeing the beautiful photo’s on line made me a little sad. But it’s for the best, that house isn’t what B and I need now, it represents a different place in my life and it’s time to say good bye. I’m ready.

We had alot going on this weekend – B had cheer comp in Anaheim, the final one of the season. She went off Friday with some Cheer friends as I had a wedding in South Orange County Saturday night which I was super excited about!

My old friend Erin was getting married. I would get to see a ton of my girl friends and I knew it was going to be a great night. I ordered a dress and shoes and got my hair and make up done and I felt amazing. I hadn’t felt that good about myself since my Senior Prom, honestly. Even though the physical change isn’t all that significant right now I think the change in my confidence and attitude is and people noticed that too. But it still was nice that people all night we telling me how great I looked and they loved my outfit and blah blah blah. I even told B that I was looking super cute and she said “Mom, I’ve never heard you say that about yourself and it makes me happy” – I did totally love my dress and shoes and hair and make up – Wish I could wear that every day LOL! (maybe not the shoes….ha ha)

I had a great time dancing and drinking and catching up with my old friends. It’s too long in between our reunions anymore – baby showers & weddings – I need them more. I haven’t been a very good friend the past decade, to anyone. I was super consumed with a prior career for a long time and then as I’ve battled with my own demons I have distanced myself from people. I’ve known this family and these girls since I was like 9…….felt like home being with them. I need to make more priority to staying connected and involved with them. I need to start saying YES to their invitations and letting them know that even though I wasn’t always the best friend to them that I will always love them and being a part of their is important to me and I want them to be a part of my life too. Wendi, Kenny, Erin, Brian, Kristen, Dan, Michelle, Nick, Larry, Sarah, Amber, Bo and Stephanie – Love you guys! Felt like I hadn’t missed a day – you have my word it won’t be 3 years until the next time I see you! xo xo –

And Cheer season is over – so things slow down alot now – really looking forward to working HARD during the next few months while things slow down for us…….