OK so I am just gonna come right out and say it – I absolutely totally love Coach George…and I didn’t even know what a big deal he was until I got to the gym last night and he was doing an interview for SPIKE TV! I am a lucky girl. I am so blessed and grateful he is in my life (I even passed on spending time with Abe this weekend to get in my workout with George!! LOL).

I know that the food & diet is 75% and the exercise is 25% but you can’t have a connection with the meal plan, you can have a connection with your trainer. He greets me with a warm smile and my instructions for the treadmill, last night he increased the incline on me for 10 out of my 20 minutes, my calves were on fire but Social D got me through it. We did the rope drills again, don’t get me wrong they suck and are super hard, but it really is a cool fun unique set and I do enjoy it…..even as my arms feel more and more like butter and wet noodles! After the rope drill we went into squats and pushing that treadmill. He also introduced me to the TRX System. We did a couple motions on the TRX and wrapped up the session with a few really pushing hard reps on the rope, into squats (umm I’m pretty sure when all was said and done I had done 80 squats – I asked what I had done to piss him off LOL), into the TRX and ended on the push-mill! It’s weird to say that even though I feel totally winded and dead after I also feel totally incredible. Coach George is encouraging and tough. I can tell he believes in my and I appreciate so much when I see him comment on a facebook post or like a pic on Instagram, he is such a big part of this journey and absolutely the right person to get me where I need to be. I hope he knows how much I truly appreciate his time and commitment to me.

I was thinking about taking a rest day today but I feel really great and want to make sure I get a solid 5 days in before we head to Palm Springs and I am limited on what I can do, as my cheap-ass hotel doesn’t have a workout room so I just plan to walk a bit during some downtime (I can have some quality time with my little man Ezekiel anyway on a nice stroll!) –

I was telling Coach George my struggles with food yesterday, he assured me it was normal to have an off day and just keep eating my meals and even if the protein shakes are throwing off my timing I should keep going and conditioning my body to this plan. I stopped at Sprouts on my way to Alliance and picked up some Whole Wheat Pitas, Whole Wheat Bagels (for cheat day) , some turkey bacon, more brown rice cakes (apple cinnamon flavor) and some more veggies as well as some pork chops. I figure I will try to have my eggs on Tues & Friday in 1/2 of a pita (since I am allowed 2 oz of carbs with breakfast) and add a slice of turkey bacon (I can have extra protein on these days too) add some Bell Peppers and try to make a litttle breakfast sandwich. As I was putting away the groceries B spotted the new flavor of rice cake and her eyes got wide, she said “I know what I’m having for desert” and she wasn’t kidding – she finished her dinner (tilapia and brown rice) and got herself an Apple Cinnamon Rice Cake, added some PB and cut up an Apple and had that for desert! She’s stealing my snack ideas! LOL – Well it’s great to see her adapting and understanding that this is what will be in the house now. Love her!

….and Love her short new hair cut – She chopped off over 10″ and donated to Locks of Love. I am so thankful for NO MORE POOF for Cheer!!!! Yay – Ordered her little headband bows for HS and Cheerforce too!

I’m going to hit the treadmill tonight and will meal prep for the weekend when I get home.

I’m so excited for Palm Springs this weekend – can’t wait to hang out with my Bestie (and my MAIN Man Axel!!!!), Cheer Gossip, watch some amazing teams and see my girl on stage! We are leaving Saturday morning – working out with George Friday night!!!