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MMA, short for Mixed Martial Arts, is the fastest growing sport in the world!

Over the past twenty years there hasn’t been another organized activity to garner as much attention or gain as much popularity.

It’s no surprise why; there isn’t a form of competition as raw and exciting as two professional martial artists going head to head, battling it out to see who’s best.

The possible outcomes are endless and unbelievable upsets are not uncommon.

Still in it’s early stages, MMA continues to evolve at an alarming rate.

The early years of no-holds-barred cage fighting consisted of different martial art forms pitted against each other, looking to expose the weaknesses inherent in the opposing style.

Initially ground-fighting submission-specialists had the edge as striking arts lacked an answer for what transpired on the floor.

Shortly thereafter athletes continued to adapt and more efficient ways of fighting emerged. Terms like ground and pound, along with sprawl and brawl, became familiar expressions for the growing fan-base.

Now combat competitors must be well rounded in every facet to meet the variety of challenges each unique opponent presents.

This is what sets Alliance Training Center apart from most other gyms, especially in San Diego County.

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Our San Diego location has produced champions at the highest level of competition!

Not only in sport MMA, but also in the specialized martial arts it’s comprised of.

As a member of the Alliance Family, you’ll have complete access to a treasure-trove of knowledge gathered by our stable of world-class athletes.

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Like a team of scientists, the Alliance crew works together everyday, strictly focusing on techniques and strategies that will produce the absolute best results against elite opponents.

This knowledge is passed down to each and every one of our students, from the complete beginner to the 5-year-old child.

Alliance Training Center is known around the world as a Mixed Martial Arts powerhouse and has been for quite some time.


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