Do you want a sneak peak at a new action series developed for fight fans and non-fight fans alike?!

Check out this teaser for a new action series centered on the MMA world!

Shot here in San Diego at Alliance Training Center, this series is made for fight fans and action/drama viewers alike! Indiegogo productions is working with Alliance Training Center and other local MMA related businesses to bring viewers MMA action, in a cinematic setting that is sure to please every audience.

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and shows no sign of slowing. That is the reason the new series “Between Bullets” is so intriguing. Creating a drama series revolving around MMA will help advance the MMA movement by bringing it to a more mainstream audience. Currently there are plenty of reality shows about MMA and MMA fighters. BUT most of them depict the sport as being brutal and unsophisticated, which can turn some people off and if that happens the only real loser is the sport of MMA. This is what makes “Between Bullets” the perfect way to bridge the gap between MMA and the regular viewing public.

So whether you are simply someone who enjoys a quality action/drama series that you can really sink your teeth into or you’re mapping out your road to the UFC Octagon, this series is guaranteed to deliver!

Click the link below to watch the teaser for “Between Bullets”

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