Ok – So Coach David and George told me to not obsess over the scale and I should NOT be weighing myself everyday, so I haven’t been. I even moved the scale downstairs so I wouldn’t be tempted, but last night I moved it back up stairs so I could weight myself this morning. I was super happy, 6 pounds down! Considering I’m only on my 4th day of meal plan and did have Lolita’s on Monday I was super happy to see that. If Coach David comes over tomorrow I know the scale is going in the trash, and that is OK. This can’t be about the “number” – it’s about a change of lifestyle and living a happy healthy active lifestyle, the pounds WILL come off.

Yesterdays meal were of far greater success (with the exception of that dayum Oatmeal) , and afterall, it WAS CHEAT DAY!! So yeah, the oatmeal bake I tried, although the texture was for more tolerable it was still so bland and tasteless, will need to review that recipe, it will be a work in progress. My chicken fajitas for lunch were delicious.

I was talking to my friend Christina last night, she was asking how I was doing and I was telling her how I just get bored at work sitting all day and I start thinking about what I can eat, what snacks do I have laying around, and I need to learn to avoid that and deal with that boredom “hunger” but I was obsessing a little yesterday, as I wanted that Borwn Rice Cake with PB & Apples SOOO bad, I was saving that for my afternoon snack and just couldn’t wait for 4pm to have it……and it was sooooo good. I really like the All Natural PB and Apples and the crunch of the Rice Cake, it satisfied many cravings for me all in one. I savored each bite.

I met H at the gym last night. I had been going to the gym as her guest but in order to take this seriously and not have to rely on her I knew I needed to get my own membership again, so I did that last night. Perfect timing too, as I can workout tonight while B is at Basketball and on Sunday while H is away. We did 35 mins on the treadmill and then I was off to get my CheerGirls for the Carpool home.

When we got home I made B Tilapia (different then the Tilapia I have been having) and some Sliced New Potatoes. I heated up some of the ground turkey I had left and added a little El Pato so I could make Turkey Tacos! Afterall it was CHEAT DAY and Coach David said to make sure I have something that is NOT on my meal plan. My cheat was 3 Corn Tortilla’s (I know there are probably healther better versions of tortilla’s out there, so I will research that and pick those up for future cheat days) – I choppped some Green Leaf Lettuce and Fresh Cilantro, a squeeze of lime and added some Ortega Chili’s to my brown rice. It was super delicious, B was even eating the ground turkey out of the skillet!

I went to bed feeling satisfied and happy and I slept great again. I got up feeling refreshed and ready for my day. I am struggling a little with finding the right way to make my coffee. I’ve been using unsweetened vanilla almonds milk and some truvia, it’s OK, I might try some Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup or something too.

I texted Coach George to let him know next weekend I would be in Palm Springs, and he said “Keep on your meal plan and workout’s” my reply “I will…I promise…I’m NOT looking back” –