Marvin Hagler is a famous American boxer, who was born on 23rd May, 1954. He was the Undisputed World Middleweight Champion for seven years, between 1980 and 1987. He holds the record of making 12 title defenses. He is also the record holder of the highest KO percentage of the middleweight champions. He remained the undisputed champion for 6 years and seven months.

In his early years he could not find boxers or opponents who would be willing to face him. Hagler was known to travel to the hometown of his opponents to get fights. His first break was the fight against Willie Monrow, who was trained by Joe Fraizer. Haggler had two weeks to prepare for the fight. Hagler lost the fight but the fight was very close. Monroe decided to give him a rematch. In this rematch, Hagler managed to knock out Monroe by showing amazing might in 12 rounds. In the third fight, Monrow was stopped in two rounds.

Soon after, Rip Valenti started taking interest in Hagler and started bringing best performers to play with Hagler. He soon fought Sugar Ray Seales who was an Olympic Gold medalist. The first time Hagler won, there was a draw, the second time and in the third fight Seales was knocked out completely. Mike Colbert who was the number 1 rank holder was also knocked out in 12th round.

At the famous Caesar’s Palace located in Las Vegas, Hagler fought Vito Antuofermo who was the World Middleweight Champion. For 15 rounds, everyone thought Hagler would be the winner. It was then that the referee, asked Hagler to face the cameras – he said “Congratulations, Now stay facing this way until they announce the decision and I raise your arm.” To the surprise of many and Hagler also, it was announced that the match was a draw. This meant that Vito Antuofermo would still hold the title. This was extremely frustrating for Hagler. It was a big price he had to pay for playing it safe in spite of having the killer instinct and the required boxing skills.
Recognitions –

An inductee of World Boxing Hall of Fame and also International Boxing Hall of Fame, Hagler was appropriately named as the Fighter of the Decade, in the year 1980, by the highly popular Boxing Illustrated. He was also named Fighter of the Year, by Boxing Writers Association of America and also Ring Magazine. Between the years 2001 and 2004, he was named as the 4th greatest middleweight of all times ( 3 times) and as 17th-greatest fighter of the past 80 years. These recognitions explain his huge popularity and his extraordinary performances.