I’ve never been one to put much to much validity into all those inspirational quotes people post on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram – I see them and think to myself the irony of all these things knowing who is posting them or whatever but the other day one actually struck a nerve with me and meant something – so I will share that with you now:
“Sometimes the act of letting go is of far greater power then defending or hanging on”

Dang, was that written for me? I mean seriously – I have been lugging crap around with me for nearly 10 years now and it IS time to LET GO!

I need to put the guilt, shame and disappointment of the mistakes I have made out on the curb. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and learn to forgive myself and really free myself from things in the past.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Jamie for a while last night, getting to know her through this process is going to be rewarding in it of itself. I can already tell she is going to be a source of strength and inspiration for me. Her sharing her success’ of her own struggles and tools that worked for her during the process are healing and hopeful.

I found much support from friends yesterday as I shared my 1st blog entry with them, text messages of support, incentives, and all around encouragement. I have not shared this with my family yet, as I am sure to them it is just more empty promises and carries no weight, so I decided until I have a few weeks under my belt and am comfortable with George, David the diet & exercise that this will be a journey I share with B and my friends.

Anyway while talking to Jamie last night I expressed a concern about how deep this blog should go – should I keep it all diet & fitness and my day to day journey or is this my personal journal where I can be totally honest and vulnerable and naieve and really share….??? Well I think the latter option is the only way to go. The writing process is going to be healing on therapeutic and maybe someone else will find inspiration from what got me to where I am and why it’s so important I do this NOW. So excuse the gory details – it may be uncomfortable at times for you and me but it’s got to be honest.

So on another note, seriously what’s up with Quinoa? I mean I fancy myself a pretty decent cook and I have made it many times before but last night it took me 3 times to get it right! 1st batch, undercooked….2nd batch, burned….3rd batch, better but still kinda mushy! I haven’t started my Clean Eating yet so I went out on a limb last night and attempted to make a Southwestern Style Quinoa Salad a friend had posted on facebook…..it would have been delicious if it didn’t take so long!

Well workout #1 tonight…..Keep you posted…..