Article by Kristian Lexell
Yesterday we visited Robert Drysdale BJJ. We joined a great SW-class. Drysdale is a great instructor and, off course, a super grappler.

We did drills and sparring drills for two hours and the general level was really skilled.

What we also managed to do yesterday was get to one of those giant supermarkets to fill our home with food. That was necessary cause most of the food we’ve found in Vegas so far is really bad. It sucks having a hard time finding something worth calling nutrition to eat when training 3-5 hours every day.

But now we’re getting settled in and soon our routines will be set.

Today first class we will be sparring at Wanderleis gym. That will be nice.

I’m looking forward to the weekend now. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Vegas than.

Aight folks / Lex

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