Today it’s back to training again. Morning session at Drysdale’s and evening at TapouT with the Alliance team.
Like I said before Drysdale is a great instructor and the training there is awesome. There’s always great sparring and lots of inspiration there.

Today we worked on defending and attacking on top in the deep half-guard. Some of it I’ve seen before and some of it was new to me. Robert breaks it down to a perfect level that makes it easy to follow and the time to drill plus the amount of techniques is well matched for me to keep up.
Evening class was wrestling, both attacking and defense, on the cage. Manny Rodriguez from Alliance coached us. He’s a great coach. He kept it on a fairly basic level, which is perfect for me at least, and he really managed to point out the different key points in every technique. Classes like that really helps a lot and I can work the teqnicues over and over for a long time since they are so basic and important.

The weekend was a nice one. We finished our training week on Saturday with conditioning and padwork with our coach Andreas Michael.

After that we ate some good food (we actually went hard on the same buffet as last time again..), later we hooked up with some friends and visited a club where Swedish House Mafia played. It’s funny how small the world seems some times.

Alex Gun StoreOn Sunday we went shooting at The Gun Store ( together with some other guys from team Cruz/Alliance. To me it’s usually not that special with guns and I’m not really into them that much, although I work as a SWAT police officer back home. But the guys instructing and helping us did a really good job and it was a fun experience.

Tomorrow we’re sparring early then it’s back to conditioning. This is the last week here so I’m doing my best to get as much as possible out of it.

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