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Enroll Your Kids in Boxing Today: Best Reasons for Kids to Start Learning the Sweet Science

Have your kids been coming to you asking to take boxing lessons? Perhaps you thought that it might be a good idea to enroll the kids in some type of activity, but you aren’t quite sure whether or not boxing is going to be a good option. Naturally, you want to make sure that you are doing the right thing for your kids. It is important that you take some time to learn more about boxing and why learning the “sweet science” is something that could be very beneficial for your boy or girl. First, let’s get a closer look at some of the benefits of boxing training for kids.

What Types of Fundamental Boxing Skills Will Kids Learn When Boxing?

First, you are likely wondering what type of skills your kids are going to be learning when they are taking boxing lessons. You will find that most gyms are going to concentrate on the fundamentals of the sport with your kids, just as they would with anyone who is just beginning to learn how to box.

They are going to learn a range of techniques including punches, such as hooks, jabs, counterpunches, uppercuts, straight punches, and more. They will also learn more about footwork and ways to get out of danger. As the kids start to progress, they are going to learn combinations, as well. They will do shadow boxing, bag work, and training that is similar to what all other boxers are going to do, regardless of their age.

Eventually, they might even move on to sparring as their skills and their confidence starts to grow. Of course, sparring might be something that kids even care about. They might just enjoy getting to the gym and shadowboxing and doing bag work.

Increase Strength and Endurance

In addition to the training in boxing techniques, you will find that the lessons will include calisthenics and exercises that are going to be instrumental in the child’s training. Anyone who has ever even watched a boxing match knows that it is an extremely physical sport that is going to take strength and a substantial amount of endurance. The training sessions are going to reflect this, and that is a very good thing for your kids.

When they take this training, they are going to get stronger and more capable. They are also going to have more endurance. They will be able to exercise for longer without getting winded, which is going to help with their overall health and fitness levels. The training can provide them with resistance training and cardio training at the same time to help create a healthy body.

It Will Improve Dexterity, Coordination, and Footwork

In addition to the benefits that will be gained in terms of strength and endurance, you will find that the coordination and the dexterity of the kids are going to improve. They are going to have better control over their bodies. They will have improved hand-eye coordination and they will have improved footwork. The younger the kids start the better, as it tends to be easier to develop coordination at early ages.

You will find that all of the physical benefits above are going to tie in closely with the following benefit, as well.

Training Will Help With Other Sports

Because boxing is physically demanding, and because it helps to get kids into great shape in terms of their endurance and strength, as well as their coordination, they are going to have an easier time getting into and excelling at other sports. For example, if they also want to play soccer, they will find that their increased endurance from boxing is going to be extremely helpful. Boxing is going to help with other types of sports throughout the child’s life, and even well into their adulthood.

Mental Strength and Resilience

One of the other benefits of boxing for kids is going to be the fact that it can be wonderful for mental health, strength, and resilience. It teaches kids how to focus, it allows them to have a way to channel their energy and to reduce aggression that kids sometimes feel when they are angry or stressed. They can learn healthier ways to deal with these feelings.

You will find that boxing is also going to provide kids with greater determination and mental resilience. They will learn that they are capable of just about anything they want to do when they commit to training, and this is going to serve them well through the rest of their life. They will learn the benefits of working hard, as well, which is something that many people today – not just kids – are sorely lacking.

Kids can suffer from stress just like adults, and boxing is a good way to reduce that stress. It helps kids to remain happier, and it can often help to reduce anxiety levels.

Better Rest and Sleep

Because of all of the additional physical activity that your kids are engaging in when they are boxing, you will find that they are going to be quite tired when they get home. This helps to ensure that they are getting to bed on time and getting quality sleep throughout the night. When they are able to get to sleep, and sleep well throughout the night, they are going to wake up invigorated and ready to learn when they head off to school. It also helps to get them into the habit of getting a good night’s rest – something that many kids and adults alike have trouble with today.

Improve Confidence

When kids take boxing, you will also find that it can be a fantastic way to help them improve their confidence and to maintain a positive image of themselves. This positive self-image is essential not only as a child, but as a person moves into adulthood, and truly, throughout their entire life. When a person is more confident, it can help them to achieve more in their life. They will believe in themselves.

Improve Socialization Skills and Find New Friends

Taking boxing lessons is also going to provide kids with another outlet where they can meet people who are their own age, and who are likely outside of their school. They can meet new friends and learn to socialize in a different environment. Whether your child finds it easy to make friends, or they have struggled with this in the past, here is a great opportunity to meet others! You will find that it can also be a great way for parents to meet with other parents.

Get on Board With Good Nutrition Early

Today, many children do not eat a healthy diet. They subsist on processed food that is simply not healthy for them, and this is causing some serious issues for them as they get older. However, when kids engage in healthy physical activities like boxing lessons when they are young, it becomes easier for the parents to advise them on the proper nutrition that they should be eating if they want to fuel their body the right way for their training. Kids will learn the importance of vegetables, lean protein, and fruits, and they will learn how to make healthier choices.

That’s not to say that can’t have treats sometimes – they should! However, proper training and a good dietary lifestyle from an early age are going to be quite helpful. It can keep them healthy and away from all of those bad foods as they get older. They will see that those unhealthy foods just don’t provide the quality fuel that they need for training.

Self Defense

While it is true that you never want your child to instigate a fight – and boxing advocates against starting fights and being a bully – you never know what the world is going to bring to your child. There are bullies out there and there are dangerous people who might want to cause your child harm. Knowing that they have the confidence and the skills to defend themselves when the need arises is going to provide you and the kids alike with peace of mind.

Discipline, Respect, and the Value of Hard Work

Boxing is going to help to teach the value of working hard and being disciplined. Kids will feel that they are getting stronger and more skilled. They will see that their work in training is paying off and making them better boxers and healthier overall. This is a fantastic way to show kids just how valuable it can be to work hard. When this is instilled in children, they are more likely to apply it to other parts of life, such as their school work. It can set them up for success through childhood and into adulthood.

Get Out of the House and Get Active

Parents of kids today know that growing up now is quite a bit different from when they were younger. Many parents remember getting outside and playing, riding their bike, and having all sorts of adventures in real life with their family and friends. Over the years, the proliferation of technology – smart phones, videogames, television, computers, etc. – has increasingly caused kids to want to stay indoors and to want to be more sedentary. There are many kids out there who would be perfectly happy just spending all of their free time sat squarely in front of a screen playing Fortnite or Call of Duty.

Kids that are inactive are unhealthy, even if they might look like they are in shape and thin. When you enroll the kids in amateur boxing, it is going to get them out of the house. They will enjoy all of the physical and mental benefits that we’ve mentioned above, and they will find that there is a whole world out there that they can enjoy that doesn’t involve pixels.

If you happen to have a child that might be somewhat reticent about starting boxing and who says that they just want to hang out at the house and play games, don’t worry. Consider talking with the parents of one of their friends and seeing if they might want to enroll their kid in boxing, as well. The kids are generally going to be more inclined to want to do something new if one of their friends is doing it, as well.

You could also start talking more about boxing with your child. Watch some bouts together, check out some videos online, and stop by the gym to see what the training will entail. Get your child excited about the possibility of boxing by talking up all of the benefits, and how fun and cool it can be. Of course, using the “cool” talk for teens might not work. Figure out what is going to work to excite your kids about boxing.

The Foundation for a Lifetime of Good Habits

When you have a child who starts boxing, you will find that not only are they going to enjoy the benefits that we’ve discussed here almost immediately, but it’s a great way to set them up for the future. They start to box and they learn that they like the physical activity. They like to spar and shadow box, and they love the way they feel. All of the lessons that they learn in boxing now are going to set them up for a fantastic future that is full of healthy habits.

Alleviating the Concerns of Parents Regarding Safety

Of course, we could talk forever about the benefits that boxing can offer to children who start their training now, but that would not be all that’s needed to convince most parents that their little ones should put on some boxing gloves. Parents also want to know that their kids are going to be having a fun and safe time during their training, naturally. This is a topic that not everyone is going to agree on, and that’s okay.

However, you will find that when you are choosing a quality training facility for your kids that has special classes just for the little ones, and that encourages safety at all times, there is going to be very little danger. Still, you will want to make sure that the kids have and wear all of the property safety gear whether they are just punching a bag or they are sparring. If you still have concerns about safety, be sure that you talk with the trainers before signing up, and that you talk with them about what the lessons will entail. You may also want to see if you can watch a class with your child in it.

What Type of Gear Will the Kids Need?

If you have decided that you want your kids to box, you will also want to be sure that they have all of the proper gear to get started. Depending on where you are training, some gear might be provided. However, you might still want to have some of the basics such as gloves, headgear, quality shoes, gym clothes, hand wraps, and a mouthguard if they are going to be sparring. You can speak with the trainer to learn what types of equipment are going to be needed.

See How the Kids Feel About Boxing and Touch Base After a Few Lessons

While your kids might be excited about taking boxing lessons, and they might have been begging you to allow them to train, it is still a good idea to talk with the kids after a few lessons to see how things are going. By giving it a few lessons, they are going to have time to settle into the routine and meet some new people, and this will give you a better idea of how they feel about it. Listen to what the kids have to say about their training and gauge their interest to see if they should continue. Most of the time, kids are going to have a blast.

Choosing the Right School for Boxing Lessons

Of course, you do need to make sure that you are choosing the right school for the boxing lessons. A good trainer is going to ensure that kids are safe during their training, and that they are learning skills appropriate for their age and their level of skill. You want to choose a school that is known for quality and safety, and will be a place that your children are going to enjoy. Take your time and research the schools and the staff before you make your choice.

Now that you have a better idea of just how beneficial it could be to enroll your kids in boxing – at just about any age – it is time that you got in touch with Alliance in San Diego. The gym offers boxing and other types of training, along with a fun and healthy environment for everyone regardless of their age.