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Developing Over The Centuries, Muay Thai Became Known Worldwide As One Of The Most Powerful Styles Of Striking

Muay Thai Kick

Every appendage is utilized as attacks vary between kicks, punches, elbows, and knees.

The muay thai “clinch” is also a staple of the art, in which the opponents head is controlled by both hands, creating openings for close-range attacks as well as trips and throws.

Thailand is a hotbed for martial arts as fighters constantly flock to its beautiful shores and exotic jungles.

Countries across the globe have even adapted their own style of Muay Thai, Holland and Brazil perhaps the two most prevalent.

If you’re in Chula Vista fortunately you don’t have to travel very far to train in this awesomely applicable art.

Train Like A Champion

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Muay Thai Training

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Besides learning an extremely efficient form of self-defense, you’ll also receive a jam-packed, calorie-killing workout that’ll have you sweating and smiling the whole way through.

Consistently attending class will get you fit in no time, you’ll be amazed as the pounds fly off faster than the kicks and punches thrown each session.

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Train Like A Champion