Joey Beltran vs Pat Barry set for UFC Fight Night 23: UFC Fight for the Troops 2 on Spike TV.

Joey Beltran - The Mexicutioner

Joey Beltran vs Pat Barry on UFC Fight Night 23: Fight for the Troops 2 this January 22


Joey Beltran Video Blog Transcript:

Joey Beltran: Hey whats up! This is Joey Beltran here at Alliance MMA in Chula Vista. Here we go: my boy Travis ‘Hapa’ Browne, theres Black Barry ( Hapa: hahaha) Lew Polley, Coach Adrian in the back, Casey Ryan Jiu Jitsu in the back. So here we are about to get started on sparring. Not really sure how many rounds I gotta go through today but should be good and I’ll check in with you guys after. This is Joey Beltran The Mexicutioner.

Joey Beltran: How’d you think I did today?
Travis Brown: Wonderful.
Joey Beltran: Would you say Mr. Wonderful?
Phil Davis: Someones gonna get mexicutioned!
Travis Brown: Badly.
Joey Beltran: What you think about the music selection today?
Travis Brown: Very worthy of our gym and sparring experience.
Phil Davis: Yeah you know, you really can’t beat someone up to just any kind of music. You gotta do it to like a love song. It means something.
Travis Brown: For real. Stop beating up people by gansta shhh. It ain’t worth it.
Phil Davis: Gangsta… That whole gangsta thing, thats so 80’s, so 90’s, 2000. Who does that?
Travis Brown: It’s played out son. Alliance, we have the next level shhh.
Joey Beltran: We got that Michael McDonald.
Travis Brown:Thats what we do, that why we so good.

Joey Beltran: Whats up guys how you doing? Joey Beltran here. Just got done with my MMA sparring rounds. Got busy today. Did four rounds straight with Travis Browne and Lew The Titan Polley. I feel good. I kept a strong pace the whole time. I feel good. I feel cardios ready to go. I’m powerful throughout the whole four rounds and I’m really really anxious to put on a show for The Troops and do what I do. Rememeber you can find me on Twitter Mexicutioner760 and this is Peace!

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