One of the widely admired forms of martial arts that came from Japan is Jiu Jitsu. This had been initially practiced by Samurai Warriors during 20th century. They were also the founders of several martial arts known today. From the country of Japan, it traveled all the way to Brazil, where the Gracie brothers had learned it from their Japanese instructor Mitsuyo Maeda. The art which is being utilized and seen nowadays is their development.

This was divided into six categories and are promoted with several colored belts. Hence, the six colored belts, identified to be red, black, purple, blue and white. There is also in between, stripes that indicate your length from promotion. This promotion is marked according to a striped number, with experience and time passage you could easily precede to the next class.

The Jiu Jitsu black belt shows hours of committed training. You have to be at least brown belt holder for one, and 19 years old and above to be able to receive a black belt. This type of belt can acquire up to 9-degrees.

The 9th and 10th degree is the one that will convert the color into a solid plain red belt. This denotes practical and technical expert skill level. This art commonly addresses the black belt holder as the professor.

Generally, students are encouraged to compete, since this could help them in gaining greater experience. The competitions also allow instructors to gauge their student’s skills and abilities while fully grappling to the resisting opponent. According to most academies, competition or competing is not required for a promotion.

An instructor named Roy Harris has publicly published the formal criteria for testing. He is also the one who formalized promotion tests from white to black belt. This formal testing becomes a common place to several Gracie Academies and similar types of organizations.

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