I know it’s been a few days, I didn’t want to commit to writing every day and have things sound redundant so I anyway here we are.

Coach David checked in on me Thursday, sounds like we are going to review and change up the meal plan in a week or so. Maybe I can get him to wait until after Dallas…I have this meal plan pretty down and considering the amount of travel we have coming up for cheer I feel very comfortable where I am at now and should be able to manage this meal plan.

I went to the gym Thursday, Coach George had suggested we take the incline off the treadmill and see if that helped my aches and pains. I really hated that elliptical and was not looking forward to getting on it again, so I took it upon myself to get back on the treadmill and just see what happened with no incline. I set the timer for 45 minutes, turned on Pandora, started walking and told myself I would stop if I started experiencing discomfort and get on the bike. I don’t know, Pandora just knew what I needed, song after song and I kept walking and walking and increasing the speed and everything on my body felt great, I was sweating like crazy but totally cruising along with no problems. The 45 minutes came and I felt like I could keep going, I didn’t but I felt like I could. So I told myself that Friday I was going to try for an hour. I got to the gym, set the timer for 60 minutes and off I went. Pandora was not being as good to me Friday, at times it was a struggle, so much easier to walk faster and keep going when David Guetta is on or something! But nonetheless I switched back n forth between stations and I did the hour and I was super excited! I felt great, little to no discomfort and I was super proud of the accomplishment!

I got home and B was getting herself ready for her double dose of weekend Cheer practice and packing for sleepover Saturday Night and cleaning her room. I took the chance to sit on the Couch and relax and watched Dallas Buyers Club, SEE THAT MOVIE! OMG Jared Leto was AMAZING!!!!

I dropped B at the gym Saturday about 12:30 and would not see her again Sunday about 7:30pm. I had a session with George at 1:30 so I arrive at 1:10 and got my 20 mins on the treadmill to warm-up and then we got started. We did what felt like an insane amount of drills, no sled or medicine ball, but he added more squats (with and without weights) and push-ups. Alot of arms with weights and the TRX. I think we did 80…maybe even 100 squats and 50 push-ups…plus the Push-Mill and the rope drills. My arms were on fire, I felt like a wet noodle after that session,but I survived. It was ironic too, as I was telling George how great I had been feeling after my work-outs and I am surprised at the amount of energy I have afterwards, well not Saturday. I was dead, I was supposed to go home, shower and head over to Ezekiel’s 1st BDay party, but I layed down on my couch and didn’t move for 2 hours. I am still very sore this morning.

I did finally get up and finish the chores I had going when I got a call from Abe, lets go out tonight, OK! B was gone and I had re-covered from my work-out (somewhat).

I guess I should back up a little, I had wanted to go to SuperCross Saturday Night (#22 Chad Reed Fan 4 Life), I was, for the 1st time in almost a year, feeling a little sad (maybe sad isn’t the right word….bummed) about being single. At least when in a relationship, no matter how good or bad, there was always someone there. I could not find a friend to go with, I haven’ t really found people since I’ve moved to SD who are into the same things as me, music, sports, etc.etc.etc. so that was kind of sad for me to not even have 1 friend who would attend with me. B wanted to go but she was invited to sleepover with some friends from her new team, and I was glad she went and is starting to make friendships on that team. I thought about going alone, I knew there were plenty of people I could see Pre-Race in the parking lot to tailgate with, but the idea of sitting along during the race, well it just didn’t sit right with me. Abe could not go, he had to work until 9pm anyway so oh well. I had made a comment on FB about that being the downfall of the single life, many of “adopted” aunties chimed in, as my mom was single 15+ years ago and she didn’t let that stop her from anything. She met an incredible group of girls who have supported and loved her throughout. They are so fun and always have each other’s backs. I hope through my journey, as I start to venture out of my comfort zone and expanding my own hobbies and interests that I too can find a group of women to love and accept and support me they way they do my mom…and me.

So anyway, I get ready to spend time with Abe, I opened my front door to see him leaning on his car with my door open and my jaw just hit the floor. I don’t know, it was like a scene from Sixteen Candles, when Molly Ringwald walks out of the church and Jake Ryan is standing there leaning against his Porsche……weak in the knee’s. Look, I have no disillusions as to what this is, fun for now but not forever, and that is perfect. I have such a great time talking to him and spending time with him. Having known his socially for years we already have an existing friendship. And whether he knows it or not he is a big part of this journey. Mind you I am finding strength and confidence in myself through my meal plan and exercise but having that connection with someone, that dipping your toe back into the water, those butterflies in your stomach, well it just adds to the overall mood and is one more piece of the puzzle falling into place. So I’m just going with it…who knows how long this will last but in the meantime I will enjoy the occasional night with Abe and that’s all I have to say about that for now.

I woke up Sunday sore all over, I had told George I wasn’t planning to take a rest day, but the way I was feeling…well I took the rest day. I don’t think Rest Day + Cheat Day are a good mix though! I wanted to still do something so, it was gorgeous day in San Diego. Aimee, Ed and I went to the driving range. I haven’t done that in YEARS. I mean when we were little we used grab a bucket of balls when visiting Nana & Papa and head to the putting greens or range, but that was all for fun. I had a BLAST! It was so nice out and the laughter between the 2 of us girls trying to smack these balls to yonder was non-stop! Ed tried to teach us but we were having none of that! Aimee and her dance maneuvers were killing me! I had a really great time. I forgot what it was like to spend an afternoon outdoors and not on my couch watching re-runs of Roseanne. Aimee made us dinner and we watched Bad Grandpa before I headed home to meet up with B after practice.

It was just an incredible weekend. And even though I ache with every movement this morning I know that is a sign of how hard I worked and it IS showing in the scale! Sunday morning I was down 14.2 pounds – YES! I have been on this Meal Plan & Exercise regime 100% since Jan 21st – so 14.2 pounds in 19 days, I will take that! Not looking forward to the gym today with the way I am feeling BUT I am going to do it. So almost at the 3 week mark, they say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit and this is usually the breaking point……but not this time!