Wrestling is no longer a just a game for the sportsmen – in fact, wrestling is now considered to be a latest trend in the world of fitness.

There are several reasons for the growing popularity of this sport – this is a sport which everyone can understand.

We might not wrestle in the arena, but haven’t you ever wrestled with your friends or your brothers and enjoyed every bit of the time?

Wrestling is the way to test ones strength as well as the physical roughness and when we try it with out friends and siblings, it becomes even more enjoyable. That is not all – there are several reasons for the growing popularity of wrestling in fitness world. Here are some common reasons.

General Growth and Development
Wrestling is a wonderful way to establish all your positive energy and characteristics. Wrestling brings self confidence, as you learn to rely on your own ability just and no one else. You are solely responsible for your failure and success and this is why the desire to learn and be successful is the highest among wrestlers. Wrestlers develop positive attitude as without this, success is not possible. It brings discipline in our lives. Waking up early, running, fasting for specific weight, sacrificing certain food habits and training round the year religiously, teaches self discipline. Once you are able to do all this, it is indeed a fun way to reach your various goals.

Teaches Self Defense
Your regular workouts are not going to help you with self defense but wrestling teaches you how to stay protected and save yourself when you are attacked. This is one of the reasons, why increased number of women is now including wrestling in their fitness routine with special emphasis on body positioning. Wrestling teaches how to tackle an opponent or how to act tough and defend oneself from different types of attacks. This is a game of strength, power, fitness and endurance and regular practice sessions, assure that you learn how to stay protected and keep yourself free from all attacks.

Enhances Physical Fitness
We all know the level of athleticism needed to become a successful wrestler. Regular wrestling practice helps in improving strength, agility, endurance levels, improves balance and builds sturdiness. Wrestlers have tremendous knowledge on dieting as well as weight improvement and maintenance which helps them in their life. Regular practice enhances all these capabilities and makes life stronger and smoother.

Develops Competitiveness
This is a competitive world and you need to compete with hundreds of equally talented individuals in every phase of your life. Wrestling teaches you survival tactics just as wrestlers enter an arena to fight and win. There is no scope to lose or be negative when you choose to enter a competitive world. Wrestlers face blows and injuries but they know that in order to win they have to strike back. This is what you are going to learn when you include wrestling as a part of your daily routine. A spirit of competitiveness is developed in the minds of wrestlers and all those who practice wrestling. This spirit and mind set helps in every aspect of life and helps individuals to thrive on very good competition.

For Everyone
Another reason for growing popularity of wrestling for overall fitness is that this is for everyone. You need not have any specific body weight or height to include it in your fitness routine. Anyone who desires to enhance strength and build muscular power can practice wrestling and develop strength and will power.

With so many positive effects of regular wrestling more and more people are showing their inclination towards including it as a part of their fitness routine.