Are you among those millions of people around the world trying to lose weight and wondering – do diets really work? If diet control is going to help you lose that extra fat from your body?

Well, don’t be surprised, if you hear that diets do not work. Losing weight is not easy and is not possible by starving or completely cutting off fats from your diet.

Why Diets Do Not Work – Physical and Psychological Impacts
In order to lose weight you need to control the hunger signals of your body and also balance the urge or impulse which is triggered by the hunger signals of your body. Diets deprive the body of what it needs and increases the deprivation with every passing day in which you control your food intake. Little do weight watchers realize that this has a bad psychological impact on your mind and body!

Diet control and food restrictions have a poor psychological impact, triggered by the deprivation and leads to poor motivation and will power to continue food control. Weight watchers on a diet feel stressed, deprived, weak and depressed in the long run and ultimately lose the motivation to diet further. Not just this, stress and anxiety closely associated with food deprivation or suppression leads to sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances that can lead to weight gain.

When someone follows a specific diet plan, it is evident that small quantities of food will be consumed and several favorite foods will be cut off from the menu. Hunger starts in the mind and self control to stick to the diet starts reducing.

There Is No Control on Emotional Overeating
Statistics reveal that we often overeat due to emotional problems that lead to weight gain. We do not necessarily eat when we feel hungry and this is what causes weight gain. There are several people who start eating excessively for emotional support and comfort or to cope with their negative feelings of loss or anger. Diet plans do not solve this problem of emotional overeating and actually does not help as such emotional eating habits will slowly creep in and whatever weight is lost will be regained in no time.

Extreme Low Calories
Diets do not work since they have extreme low calories which are often much below the minimum required calories by the body in a day. Our body needs certain amount of calories for its normal metabolic activities. All our body organs like heart, digestive system, lungs and even brain need calories to work efficiently. When a diet is followed, the body is deprived of its normal calories which cause disruption in normal functioning of body organs. This causes immunity problems and other problems in the body and the diet watcher needs to quit the plan and regains back the weight which is lost.

The main problem with diets is that we cannot follow diet plans in the long run. It is difficult to stay motivated and sacrifice every good food or keep counting calories before every bite.

To lose weight in the long run and be healthy and fit one should keep a watch on their diet and have a balanced diet. Not just this, exercises are a must to keep away extra fat from the body and stay fit. Thus, if losing weight and staying fit is your criteria, then do not go for diets but stay fit and healthy.