Article by wrestlingtips
Wrestling put simply is a very demanding sport. It will test you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. But it is especially difficult when someone is just starting out. The main problems that occur with beginners is the ability to remember not only the rules to this sport, but also remembering how to execute moves. Which is why you will see beginners repeatively make several common mistakes. So lets talk about these mistakes in more detail and some wrestling tips to help you out.

First lets talk about before the match, when you’ve spotted your opponent. Many people can get a little intimidated if it appears that your opponent looks bigger and stronger than yourself. Which can freak out a lot of kids who dont feel that confident in their wrestling abilities as it is. But remember appearences are very deceiving, and here are a few reasons to why this is. For one kids try to make themselves look tougher than they really are. Puffing the chest up, flexing the arms, etc. The purpose of this is to just psych out their opponent-so do not let it fool you because they may be the exact size as you, but just doing this technique to strike fear in you.

The next thing that can intimidate a wrestler is if their opponent looks very muscular and shredded. But this can also be deceiving. I have come across many kids who were big, and muscular but couldn’t lift that much weight at all. Its all about genetics that will determine your appearence, and some kids will look more built than others. So just because they may look strong doesn’t mean they are. Now even if your opponent does turn out to be stronger, thats fine because muscle isn’t everything in wrestling, not even close. You also need to be well conditioned and above all have good technique. But I will talk about that in another article, so lets return to before the match.

The last thing I have seen that tends to intimidate beginners is if they see their opponent acting very confident. By that I mean their goofing off with friends, not looking nervous at all, stuff like that. I dont know why this intimidates beginners- maybe it tells them that their opponent is ready and by not being worried are very secure in their wrestling abilities. Well if this does affect you, then you need to learn to brush these things off. Because if you let these things affect you then you will wrestle very conservatively and not to the best of your abilities. Which ultimately can prevent you from winning a match. So for wrestling tips I suggest you never find out who your opponent is till you meet in the center of the mat. I wrestled for many years and even during weigh-ins before a duel when all the (for example 135 pound wrestlers ) from both schools went to the scale to be weighed, I wouldn’t look at any of the guys from the other school. Just stay focused and in your zone thinking about what you need to do. Seeing your opponent will just give you an uneeded distraction. Now when you get better and are fully comfortable on the mat then you can do what you want.