Bye Bye Lolita’s and Cinnamon Rolls…..the meal plan is in full swing now!

I spent an hour at the gym last night, without my buddy, but hit the treadmill for 20+4 Mins Cool Down and walked away to my Pandora tunes (last night was a selection of the 90′s best Hip Hop) – then the 30 Minute Circuit workout. I still did not have time to finish with another 20 on the treadmill as I was rushing back to get my kid from tumbling and head to Alliance to meet Coach David to go over the meal plan.

I sat down with Coach David who had a color coded multi-page document to review with me…….I was worried what was going to be on this. I really don’t like Broccoli and Spinach. David went over this with me for my day to day Carb Cycling Plan, and honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Lots of lean proteins and brown rice/quinoa and lots of green veggies (yuck) – Avocado for breakfast….WHAT? That’s not a breakfast food…but OK…I will try! Wine on my high carb days (oh Thursdays and Sundays I can’t wait for you!!!) – Will start taking protein shakes daily as well and more often once the workouts get more regimented and regular. Lots of apples (YAY!!!!) and even string cheese (I LIVE for String Cheese) for snacks, that is totally easy and doable for me! I’ve already been eating Apples & String Cheese anyway! I’m a little nervous about the amount of Oatmeal I will need to eat, what is it about Oats that once you add water they become some nasty version of blah porridge??? I will have to figure out a way to prep those for my liking, maybe a little bit of Cinnamon and some Apples and Walnuts??? Good news is, although I have to avoid El Pato and PicoPica, I can make fresh Salsa and put that sh*t on everything! Sa-WEET! I need a little spice in my life!! (Anyone have a Salsa recipe to share…..spicy but not “make your forehead sweat spicy”)

B was with me at Alliance, she Coach Geroge last night, she was like Mom, he’s huge, I was scared – LOL. B was eager to see what David had prepped for me when we got to the car, for the most part it’s all stuff my fit little athlete already likes, so I think this should be fairly easy for her, I may have to occasionally make her some potatoes or something to satisfy her but she was excited and on board. She also said that now that she’s older (older, she’s 14) she wants to start working out too (she is already in great shape, say whatr you will about Cheerleaders my kid is an athelte and she trains hard and can run cicrles around alot of guys in traditional “sports”) and when can she come to the gym with me and H. I sure love that girl. She just makes my heart so happy.

On the way home we stopped at Lolita’s for the Last Supper, remember Coach George told me it was OK to have it one last time. I told B I was going to eat it slow and enjoy every single bite, and I did!!! Oh Lolita’s, I will miss you…..but I won’t!

We got home and I sat down to review and make sense of the Color Coded schedule and make a shopping list and see if it was even feasbaile for me to start today based on what I had in the house. I had some chicken thawed, asparagus in the crisper, brown rice in the pantry, cilantro and bell peppers and off I went. I prepped 2 meals last night for today and some extra rice for tomorrow. I set some Tilapia to thaw in the fridge that I can cook tonight as well as a few more Chicken Tits! I will still need to get my Egg Whites and a few more fresh veggies for the rest of the week but I think I got this (for the most part). We ran to Target to get me a little take along cooler and some more food storage items so I would have what I needed for day to day.

Today I am starting, it’s a modified version since I didn’t have everything I needed in the house but I’m about 80% on Meal Plan and should be 100% on Meal Plan by Thursday.

It will be a week or two since we started this journey before we are in full swing but we are on our way and I’m excited. People are stopping me at Cheerforce saying they are following along, I am getting text messages of support and even phone calls too. Thank you to everyone on “Team Laurel”. I am doing this for me, but your concern and support are key and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and sharing on this journey with me.

So workout with Coach George tonight at 7:30!!!