Browne breaks down the Superman KO

Karyn Bryant: “You are avery tall man yourself, but was it difficult getting in on Stefan and hitting your target?”

Travis Browne: “He does a good job of extending his hands out and it messes with your punches,
you can’t get anything clean. And so It was one of those things where we started seeing him progress
in that sense, and become more defensive when somebody would come in on him. That being said, it was one of our things to attack hard, separate, come out and be explosive again right as soon as he was coming in.

“I expected a three round war … I was talking with Christian Morecraft and he was like “Man, that guy never dies. He is like that cockroach that you are stepping on and stepping on and he keeps running from you and you’re like DAMMIT.” I am not saying he is a cockroach, but, you know what I mean?”

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