OK the oatmeal was NASTY – maybe the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten in my life. I am not going to be able to eat that daily, so I reached out for other suggestions and got a few goods. I tried a recipe last night, will be eating it shortly and I sure hope it’s better! I can’t imagine it being worse! LOL –

The ground turkey was also horrible, I mean the flavor was fine with the rice and Veggie’s and Mrs Dash, but it was SOOOO day, how can people eat that? I don’t know – I think I may have to say good bye to the turkey and hello to more fish chicken and pork (all of which I love). I mean who was I kidding, I hardly like turkey on thanksgiving and even then is covered in Salt/Pepper and Mashed Potatoes, what doesn’t taste good that way?

Am I complaining alot? I mean I am just trying to be honest. I would eat Taco’s EVERY SINGLE DAY if I was allowed to so YES this is a HUGE change for me. I know there are going to be things I don’t like (as mentioned) and there will be things I do like. I was surprised at the egg whites, and today I can’t wait to eat my Brown Rice Cake with PB (I am going to slice up an apple to top that with too) – and last nights dinner of tilapia was seriously delicious. I am struggling with my greens though. I can’t get the broccoli down, and green beans will get old fast, but I will switch that up with Asparagus to get a little change day to day.

My 1st real temptation last night – Buffalo Wild Wings – everyone around me was eating fried foods (Mozzarella Sticks, OMG my weakness) Beers, Cocktails and BDay Cake, and there I sat with my Veggie Boat (not gonna lie, I did have a little Fat Free Ranch with my Veggies) and water – I had an apple in the car before we went in and I was actually looking forward to my tilapia dinner so it wasn’t too bad. It was nice to catch up, I hadn’t seen this group in sometime and talking about my journey and getting their feedback and support and questions was awesome. It’s nice to have something to talk about now, I mean for so long I did NOTHING. Like seriously, I was B’s chauffeur, I had no hobbies, no interests, no activities (other then sitting on the couch, and thinking about when it was time to eat again because I was bored out of my mind) so now I could engage in conversation and have something to talk about that people wanted to hear. I could connect with people on a common thing. It was pretty nice. My friends Mom hugged me as we said good-bye and told me she saw how strong I was being and she was proud of me. Thanks!

I still don’t have my protein shakes and vitamins, hopefully soon though.

So I did more prep last night, Chicken Fajitas, Oven Baked Chicken, more Brown Rice and Pork Chops (as well as the Oatmeal recipe noted above) –

I am pretty dang sore today, I can feel that Tuesday workout in my upper body and back with each movement. But as I told my friend Tina, I am going to relish in the soreness, it is a physical reminder that I did something awesome for myself!

I talked to Abe yesterday, we might get together and hit the batting cages this weekend, he’s a pretty busy so I ain’t gonna be heartbroken if he flakes, but I think whether he goes or not I am going to the batting cages. I LOVED playing softball and I think it’s time I swing that bat! Stress Relief and something physical. Yep I’m gonna do it.

There is a cheer competition this weekend and B is filling in on a team. She hasn’t had a spot in a routine since coming back from her injury so this will be her 1st time actually taking the floor with a team this season. I hate missing that, I don’t want to. They work all year to take the stage only a dozen times, but I told B I wasn’t sure I was ready to skip a workout with George and put myself in a convention center full of hot dogs and candy and soda. She told me she thought I should stay home and get more into my routine. I just hate not being there for her, I am the only support system she has for the most part, now that my Mom is far away and can’t attend every event with us. I will have to ask my Bestie to step up and love on her a little more and support her and all the rest of my cheer mom friends. I know she is concerned about the little time she’s had to learn the routine and tumbling she will be required to do but it’s what she loves and she wants to be on the floor, under the lights and doing what she does. I will be rocking a Cheerforce Tee during my Saturday workout with George! Plus we have an event in Palm Springs next weekend. It’s the biggest best and favorite of the season, I will not miss that, it will be a true test for me after a very short time. Luckily Jamie will be there (if she’s healed) and we can workout and I will pack my cooler with all my prepped meals and snacks!! I should call the hotel to make sure they have a microwave……

Tonight Chuze with H, I can’t wait to see her and catch up. I am trying to get Bestie to go….we will see…..

PS – Funny how the littlest thing can set your day – loved my little motivating text from my “Mom Crush” this morning!