When it comes to martial arts and your kids, there are quite a few different options out there. Sure, you could go the conventional route and enroll them in karate, or something similar. However, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu might just be the best option possible. Why is this, though? Let’s take a look at six important reasons to enroll your kids in BJJ today.

1. It Helps with Social Interaction

It can be tough to make friends as a kid, but it is crucial that your child not only learn how to interact socially with others, but actually make friends and build his or her social network. While BJJ seems like an individual sport, it’s not. You cannot go it alone here, and children enrolled in a Jiu Jitsu class will build relationships with others on their team. In many instances, we see them go on to become lifelong friends.

2. It Helps Improve Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 17% of children in the US were considered “obese” as far back as 2012. Those numbers have only climbed. The numbers are even more startling when you factor in kids who are just overweight, and not obese. Along with obesity, childhood diseases like diabetes have skyrocketed. It’s all part of our sedentary lifestyle, where kids are more content to spend time in front of the TV or playing a video game than actually doing something physical. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps improve your child’s health by getting him or her up and active in a group setting.

3. It Builds Self Confidence

OK, so this is probably the most obvious reason to enroll your kid in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, but it bears mentioning, simply because so many kids today have low self-confidence. In a BJJ class, your child will learn to be confident in his or her skills and abilities. This has ramifications that go well beyond the practice mat or the competition floor. It has a direct, measurable impact on many areas of their life, from their ability to deal with bullies in school to the likelihood they’ll succumb to peer pressure about smoking, drinking or drugs.

4. It’s Never Too Early

Think that your kid should wait to enroll in a BJJ course until they’re a little older? That’s probably not true. In fact, most kids can begin learning the art when they’re as young as five or six years old. It grows with them, giving them a potential lifelong hobby, or may even turn into a full-blown passion that will be a huge part of their life forever.

5. It Teaches Focus and Discipline

All kids can benefit from developing better focus and discipline at an early age. It will help them during BJJ practice, of course, but it will also play a role in their education success, and even on the job when they get older.

6. It Ensures They Can Defend Themselves

Finally, BJJ is a martial art, and it’s all about self-defense. Children enrolled in a Jiu Jitsu class learn how to defend themselves from a wide range of threats and situations. This is a vital skill for kids today, and will help ensure that they are safe from aggressors, predators and attackers. Of course, these skills are not turned toward offense, as students are taught from the very beginning that BJJ should only be used in a defensive manner.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to enroll your child in a Jiu Jitsu class. Get in touch today and learn more.