Our body needs 6 important nutrients to stay healthy, provide energy, repair and support tissue growth and also for metabolic activities. These basic nutrients are extremely vital for a healthy body and performance. Is your body getting the 6 basic nutrients?

One of the essential nutrients needed by our bodies is categorized into two – complex and simple. Simple carbohydrates are sugar and complex carbohydrates are mainly dietary fiber and starch. Carbohydrates are essential for the energy our body needs to fuel our brain and muscles. Carbohydrates are richly available in pasta, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and cereals.

All proteins from the food we consume are slowly broken down into amino acids which are then used for repairing muscles and building them. Proteins are also needed for our healthy immune system, for making hormones, red blood cells, tissues and healthy hair. Proteins are a good source of energy and are generally used by the body when there is not enough carbohydrates due to heavy exercising or skipped meals. Proteins are richly loaded in seeds, cheese, milk, poultry, eggs and vegetables.

Fat is a good mix of unsaturated and saturated fat and is one of the 6 most essential nutrients needed by our body. Foods that are animal based are a rich source of saturated fat while vegetable oils are unsaturated fats. Dietary fat is a good source of healthy diet, as it is essential in maintaining hair and skin, cushioning vital organs, offering complete insulation and is quite necessary for the production of hormones and vitamins.

Minerals are those nutrients which are necessary for several body functions. Calcium and magnesium are one of those nutrients which are a must for our healthy body structure. Iron is necessary for our red blood to transport oxygen. Minerals need to be consumed through varied diet and not through supplements for their best effectiveness.

Vitamins are also much needed for the healthy functioning of our body. There are 13 essential vitamins which include Vitamin A, B complex, C, D and E among others. We need to consume the right food with the vitamins since vitamins are not manufactured in our body and we need to have them through the food we consume. Vitamins give us much needed energy for a healthy body and do not have calories.

Water is a vital nutrient without which humans cannot survive. Nearly 70% of our body weight is made of water. It helps in controlling our body temperature and plays a very important role in carrying essential nutrients as well as waste products out from our cells. It is much needed for the proper functioning of our body organs. Adults need to drink at least 10 glasses of water ( normal physical activities) for a healthy body and mind. Water can be consumed through milk, juice, soups and foods which are high in water. It also helps in hydrating our body without adding additional calories.