We’ve talked before about TRX suspension training, and highlighted some of the things you need to know about this powerful training technique. It’s a great way to get a whole-body workout on every plane of motion. There are many great reasons to give this type of training a try, but here are out top five:

It’s Fast

TRX suspension training doesn’t take a lot of time. Most weight training or circuit training workouts take anywhere from 45 minutes to a full hour. However, the standard TRX suspension training workout takes about 20 minutes, making it perfect for those who have busy schedules, or who just don’t love to spend hours of time in the gym every week. And because you’re only using a single piece of equipment, you don’t waste time moving around, setting up weights, or waiting your turn.

It’s Great Cross Training

TRX suspension training can complement almost any type of goal-based training we can name. Training for a marathon? Trying to lose weight? Fine-tuning your athletic prowess, or just trying to improve your PR with weight lifting? Suspension training provides a great complement to all of these goals. Because it involves multi-planar exercises, it requires our bodies to move in natural ways, not isolating and stressing any particular muscle group or function.

It Can Be Adjusted for Any Fitness Level

Suspension training relies on body weight and gravity to provide resistance, meaning it’s perfect for all fitness levels. Advanced athletes can increase the load on their muscles simply by changing position, while beginners can easily work through a fast, effective workout using only the weight they are already carrying every day. Other weights can be used to provide even more resistance, but suspension training doesn’t require any additional equipment.

It Breaks Routine

Sometimes the hardest part about sticking to a workout routine is the monotony. Even if you change up your routine a little, you’re often still doing the same old bodyweight circuits and cardio workouts that you’ve been doing for years. But if yoga, dance exercises, or Pilates don’t appeal to you, then your options for shaking things up are often limited in the standard gym. Suspension training offers something new and fun, that everyone has access to. You don’t need to spend months training, or buy expensive gear, to participate in a fun workout that will make heading to the gym less of a chore.

It Helps Prevent Injuries

Typical workouts include exercises that move the body from the front to the back, or perhaps from the side to the side – but usually only one or the other. This type of exercise doesn’t mimic the way the body moves naturally in our daily lives, or in an athletic game. We move in all directions, and often in many all at once. Forward, diagonal, and left, can all be performed in a single leap of the body. Suspension training utilizes exercises that move the body on all planes in a variety of ways.

The main benefit to this is that it helps prevent injuries. When our bodies are used to training in a natural way, and our muscles are strengthened in ways that actually correspond to natural movement patterns, there’s less chance that you’ll be injured when outside the gym.

Get Started Today

These five reasons are just some of the great ways that TRX suspension training can help ramp up your gym experience. With science backing up the effectiveness of this workout, and only 20 minutes of your time needed to experience these benefits, there’s no reason to not get started today.