VIDEO: UFC Fighter Phillip DeFries / Santa Claus Says Fill The Cage With Toys and Canned Food!

HOHOHO MERRY XMAS! My name is Santa Claus, and I'm hear at Alliance Training Center to tell you all about the Food and Toy Drive we're having on December 22nd 2012. 1) We will be collecting all non-perishable canned food (Dec 17-22) and donating them to Father Joe's Village! 2) We will be collecting all toys (Dec 17-22) and donating them to active duty military families! 3) NONMEMBERS (Dec 17-22): DONATE 10 Cans or 3 Toys to get $100 OFF ENROLLMENT! JOIN THE CAUSE and bring your friends & family to Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista, Saturday December 22nd 2012. For more information please call (619) 425-0888! THERE WILL BE FOOD, ASTRO JUMP, GAMES, ACTIVITIES & PRIZES! HOHOHO! MERRY XMAS!

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