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torso rotation exercise that I like a lot – primarily for the mid-section, but it’s working really full body. One reason I like the Torso Rotation, a lot

Torso Rotation (with the Superband)

Hey gang, Doug here with DB Strength down at Alliance Training Center. Today I’m going to show you a torso rotation exercise that I like a lot – primarily for the mid-section, but it’s working really full body.

One reason I like the Torso Rotation, a lot of times when people train they just train in one plane of motion. They just train … It’s called the sagittal plane; just training forward.

If you think of everything we do – a push-up, a chest press … There’s forward rows, pull-ups in one plane of motion, squats, lunges; everything’s forward, but in the real world we move in all directions. We rotate, we move sideways and things; so I think it’s important to train that way. This is just one exercise that works that transverse plane, it’s called, that rotational plane.

The set-up for this … There’s a few variations, but I’m just going to show you the most basic one for now. I like to get about perpendicular to your anchor point. You can use … I have a super band here. You can have tubing with the handles on it; even a cable machine if you want, throw a handle on there and bring it down, so it’s about level with the mid-section.

Then what I’m going to do, like I said, perpendicular, feet about shoulder width apart. You don’t want to be too close where when I take my arms back there’s slack. I want to be far enough away where my arms are here. There’s just that little bit of tension. The movement basically is going to be – I’ll show you without the straps first – is going to be here, and I’m just going from here to here. I like to say foot-to-foot.

The arms stay relatively straight. What a lot of people end up doing is they’ll bend the arms and they’ll arm the exercise. I’m just going to move the arms and, see, nothing else in my body’s really moving; it’s just this. I like to say the arms are just along for the ride. We’re moving from the torso. We’re moving from the muscles that we want to focus on which is torso. It’s also getting into the oblique a little bit. It’s this fascial sling and down. You can add some rotation, so you think … Especially in MMA when you throw a punch you would turn that torso from the ground up, so you pivot the hips, pivot that bottom foot like it’s putting a cigarette butt out, and then throwing that punch. It’s a similar movement here with the rotation, but we’re isolating a little bit more to exercise and we’re focused on those abs a little bit more.

With the tubing it looks like this. Shoulders down too. I always want to say shoulders down. We don’t want the shoulders to be up around the ears. Shoulders are down and back, nice and neutral alignment with the spine, arms are relatively straight. They don’t have to be locked up, but I want them relatively straight. Again, I’m turning through the mid-section, turning through the torso, and then bringing it back. I didn’t get all the way around, so I’m going to come a little closer so it looks like that.

Real-time, I’ll show you a couple of reps. I can feel the mid-section working there, right through here and here and this outside glute as well. Then I would spin around and get the other side, of course. This is working a little bit more endurance, so I keep the reps a little bit higher – about 15 to 20 reps on one side, and then turn around and get the other side.

This is a great way to work the abs without doing crunches; I’m not a big fan of crunches. I think we’re in … I talk about that in another clip, but this is a great way to work the mid-section without laying on your back and crunching away. Give this a try to change up your ab routine; I think you’ll like it.

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