What Quality Women Only Self-Defense Entails

Finding a women’s only self-defense class is an important undertaking and one you should take seriously. Before you make a decision, it would be wise to learn about what a quality class looks like. Plenty of Live Sparring This is such an important concept that it’s really tragic that more women’s self-defense classes don’t incorporate [...]

8 Myths about Women’s Fitness

You want to be in better physical condition, but you’re worried about what you’ve heard working out will do to a woman’s body. You’re concerned that your muscle will turn to fat if you stop working out, or that lifting weights will make you look “manly”. Here’s the thing – these myths, and many others, [...]

7 Crucial Self-Defense Tips for Women

The world is filled with threats today, particularly for women. It seems like almost every time you turn on the news, there’s another story about assault, sexual assault or robbery in which women were the targets. While it is definitely true that women bear the brunt of brutality in many instances, a few self-defense tips [...]

The Benefits of Learning Self-Defense

How to Improve Your Quality of Life With the Skills to Defend Yourself You're heading to your car after a visit to the ATM when suddenly, you're accosted by a man who leaps out of the shadows. Would you know what to do or how to react in this situation? Many men and women alike [...]

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How Women Can Protect Themselves With Mixed Martial Arts

Crime against women is on the rise! We talk about how unsafe our city is for women and how we can change things. Everyday we read reports and hear about attacks and assaults on women – its time to stand against all atrocities and fight back! It is time to act on the situation and [...]

Daily Protein Requirements – How Much Proteins Should You Have Daily

One of the main building blocks of our body is protein which makes up as much as 16% of our body weight. Our skin, hair and muscle tissues are made up of proteins - we need a good amount of protein in our diet everyday. How much protein do you need? This depends completely on [...]

Womens Health and Fitness Tips

Women are no longer kitchen or home bound! There were times when women were just handling household chores but now women are multitasking – juggling to meet professional and personal commitments. They love to pursue their career but at the same time they love to take care of their home and family. If you are [...]

Increasing Number Of Women Are Learning Self Defense Techniques – Are you?

Crime against women is increasing everyday! It is time that women start thinking about ways to defend them and fight back Why depend on others for self protection when you can learn self defense and tackle any probable attack all by yourself? More and more women are enrolling themselves for martial arts training which focuses [...]

Alliance Training Center’s Power Fitness Bootcamp In San Diego

1 Week FREE! Try our POWER Fitness Bootcamp class for 1 Week FREE! Click here for more info. [flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2QBk2uRN7M 640 390] Strength training is a critical component of fitness. The most effective fitness programs include cardiovascular, muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises. It is important to recognize the differences in body composition between [...]