4 Things to Expect When You Begin Boxing

Have you thought about signing up for your first boxing class? If you’re a bit nervous, you’re not alone, but there’s also no reason to be. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly what you should expect as a beginner. You’ll Spend a Long Time Learning the Basics Bruce Lee once said, “I [...]

Reflections of what used to be…

A year ago this week everything was different. Willy moved out, people moved in, and I was in the process of starting my journey to gastric bypass. I was more scared about life without Willy (financially....nothing else....) I was afraid of what would become of me....would I sit and sulk on the couch day after [...]

Womens Health and Fitness Tips

Women are no longer kitchen or home bound! There were times when women were just handling household chores but now women are multitasking – juggling to meet professional and personal commitments. They love to pursue their career but at the same time they love to take care of their home and family. If you are [...]

Increasing Number Of Women Are Learning Self Defense Techniques – Are you?

Crime against women is increasing everyday! It is time that women start thinking about ways to defend them and fight back Why depend on others for self protection when you can learn self defense and tackle any probable attack all by yourself? More and more women are enrolling themselves for martial arts training which focuses [...]