• Growing Popularity Of Wrestling In The World of Fitness

Growing Popularity Of Wrestling In The World of Fitness

Wrestling is no longer a just a game for the sportsmen – in fact, wrestling is now considered to be a latest trend in the world of fitness. There are several reasons for the growing popularity of this sport – this is a sport which everyone can understand. We might not wrestle in the arena, but haven’t you ever wrestled with your friends or your brothers and enjoyed every bit of the time? […]

  • Couple Kettlebell Moves

Couple Kettlebell Moves *VIDEO*

Kettlebells are a “must have” tool in my opinion. Strength, endurance, power, mobility, stability; they really are a “one stop shop”. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, the kettlebell is a tool that can help you get there. There are thousands of exercises, drills, and variations out there when it comes to using the [...]

  • Strength-training-at-Alliance-Training-Center-with-UFC-fighter-Brandon-Vera

Strength Training at Alliance Training Center with UFC Fighter Brandon Vera

Quick clip with UFC athlete Brandon Vera showing a full body circuit using the TRX suspension trainer and the RIP trainer down at Alliance Training Center.

Strength & Conditioning For The Combat Athlete 2-DVD Set

These 2 videos will provide you with the latest techniques necessary to take your combat strength and conditioning to the next level. We discuss cutting-edge exercises and drills and cover specific protocols for your ‘dynamic warm-up’, ‘explosive power’, ‘combat strength’, ‘mobility and flexibility’, hundreds of core and functional movements, and never before scene ‘metabolic conditioning [...]

Coach’s Corner Doug Balzarini: “Had A Great Session Today!”

Coach Doug Balzarini’s DBStrength & Conditioning Class At Alliance MMA. […]

Rolando Perez: “Fighting February 20th, Come Check It Out!”

Rolando Perez Video Blog 1. Just got done with Coach Doug’s DBStrength & Conditioning Class At Alliance MMA. […]