• How Women Can Protect Themselves With Mixed Martial Arts

How Women Can Protect Themselves With Mixed Martial Arts

Crime against women is on the rise! We talk about how unsafe our city is for women and how we can change things. Everyday we read reports and hear about attacks and assaults on women – its time to stand against all atrocities and fight back! It is time to act on the situation and [...]

  • Increasing-Number-Of-Women-Are-Learning-Self-Defense-Techniques---Are-you

Increasing Number Of Women Are Learning Self Defense Techniques – Are you?

Crime against women is increasing everyday! It is time that women start thinking about ways to defend them and fight back Why depend on others for self protection when you can learn self defense and tackle any probable attack all by yourself? More and more women are enrolling themselves for martial arts training which focuses on self defense and self protection methods. If you still haven’t considered about self defense techniques, its time you consider learning the many techniques and bring safety back to life. […]