• 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Workout

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Workout

You get involved in fitness activities to improve your health. However, all too often, that decision leads not to weight loss and better health, but to the doctor’s office. According to one insurance company, 50,000 people visited an emergency room in 2009 for injuries related to workout equipment or workout-related injuries. Those numbers have only [...]

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Article by SydneyJohnston If you get in your car in Los Angeles to drive to New York, do you just pull out of your driveway and start down the road? Or do you get a map and plan your route? The answer is obvious – careful planning pays off. So if your goal is to [...]

Critical Component Series – Recovery (6 of 6)

Even the man upstairs took a day off to rest. Incorporate these techniques into your weekly routine for optimal results. In this 6-part series, I will briefly explain the essential pieces that comprise a complete strength and conditioning program for a MMA athlete. The six components are: 1. Dynamic Warm-Up 2. Explosive Movements 3. MMA-Specific Resistance Training 4. Flexibility [...]