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Man Crush Monday…

Yeah I thought that would get your attention – I should change it to “Mom Crush Monday” someone has been weighing heavy on my heart and mind the past day but that is neither here nor there, if you are reading this you know who you are and I've already shared my thoughts and words [...]

Gag…Murphy’s Law…

Of course the day after I write about the food getting easier and easier and I may not write about it as much I have a bad morning. My egg’s NO Carb Day are tough – Mix 2 Eggs w/2 Egg Whites, I can’t even get them. I am gagging on the texture and had [...]

Minus 6 LBS!!

Ok - So Coach David and George told me to not obsess over the scale and I should NOT be weighing myself everyday, so I haven’t been. I even moved the scale downstairs so I wouldn’t be tempted, but last night I moved it back up stairs so I could weight myself this morning. I [...]

BLEH – Ground Turkey….

OK the oatmeal was NASTY – maybe the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten in my life. I am not going to be able to eat that daily, so I reached out for other suggestions and got a few goods. I tried a recipe last night, will be eating it shortly and I sure [...]

Well I overcooked that chicken…

So Day 1 was OK – I am not gonna lie – I totally overcooked my chicken and made Meal 3 really tough to swallow, so tough in fact then come time for Meal 5 I actually gave in and added about a tablespoon of BBQ Sauce to give it some moisture. I definitely will [...]

But Coach, Raw Almonds taste like BARK…

Bye Bye Lolita’s and Cinnamon Rolls…..the meal plan is in full swing now! I spent an hour at the gym last night, without my buddy, but hit the treadmill for 20+4 Mins Cool Down and walked away to my Pandora tunes (last night was a selection of the 90′s best Hip Hop) – then the [...]

So there’s this guy…..

I guess before I get into that maybe I should talk about why I find my single today - There were 3 significant relationships in my life thus far – My “first love”, B’s Dad and Willy. Brian was literally the boy next door, well the boy around the corner and 1 door down. Our [...]


1st – I can’t believe how much I look forward to writing this now. Before my workout last night I had a board meeting for Cheerforce at On the Border, none of the girls knew what was going on with me yet so when I said NO to the margarita’s they all knew something was [...]

Not the same old “New Year New Me” blah blah blah

So what’s different about me then everyone else on the planet who sets the annual most popular New Years Resolution to get healthy/lose weight/work out?? Honestly….I am not sure yet. I am 35 – 5’8″ – 295 pounds and a single mom in San Diego CA and have known for years I need to do [...]

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Rising MMA Prospect Nicholas Piedmont Making The Most Of His Move To Alliance MMA

Written By Hurtsbad MMA Senior Analyst Todd Jackson For the mixed martial artist on the rise the game of MMA can be unforgiving and relentlessly challenging. Their early career is littered with hard choices, questions, and obstacles. If not navigated with an educated awareness, led by knowledgeable coaching, and a discriminating approach a fighter can [...]